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  1. I know this is a few pages back but to clear up the Etobicoke Crusaders unis being the same ones warn by PR. They were in no way related. Etobicoke's uniforms were previously the unis of the St. Catharine's Chessman. Yikes...I am so aging myself here.
  2. I must disagree with you on this. I think that merger was the best thing for both Toronto Optimists and Seneca Princemen. It shot a big new life into both corps. The merger was effortless as both corps were very excited about having each other to march next to. Even the management merged well. The kids worked extra hard each bound and determined not to suck. With what the 2 corps brought to the table that year we fielded a phenomenal corps, with hardworking kids and staff and a beautiful ending being the first year for 2 Canadian corps making DCI finals. I for one loved 1976 for that reason....and because it was the preview of what to come...even better things the following year.
  3. That's so true. In the US the further you get away from the border the more strange the looks get when you try to pass a purples Queen's head. Since the exchange rate is prettly much at par these days it all washes out.
  4. Yikes, did the map get taken down????
  5. Funnily Michael, you should see the Canadian version of this map.
  6. Not to forget Seneca Optimists (2x DCI finalist).
  7. I really don't see the passport thing as the real problem going into either country. Although there may be something to be said for perfect criminal records. I have known of Americans being refused entry into Canada for DUIs. I see the #1 problem is definitely not having the marching band situations that are a staple in high schools in the US. Canada has never had that. Since drum corps has gone almost pro like taking in skilled labor (so to speak) it would be very hard to compete with that. The only marching band I ever knew in all my years marching in Canada (60s and 70s) was the Burlington Teen Tour Band. At this point the US and Canadian dollar being at par with one another I'm not so sure money is the issue. As the US drum corps continues to move in the marching band direction it will just leave Canada's drum corps further in the dust. Sad to say. Glad I was there during the heyday.
  8. And a good friend of mine who played snare in Blue Devils was a percussionist in the San Diego Symphony.
  9. I believe the corps in yellow is the Opti Knights from Guelph. Seneca had a large white cumberbund and also I don't see Seneca's drum majors who wore black. They would have been a guy and girl.
  10. To the left of Nancy and Kelly of St. John's Girls (in the black capes) are Diane Laverdure and Nathalie Bedard of Les Chatelaines (I was teaching them that year) and to their left is the drum major of Les Marionnettes de Montmagny, Quebec...(another all girls powerhouse corps that would just show up from so far away we had to look it up on a map...and they would blow everyone away).
  11. I agree Linda it sure looks like the Toronto Optimists.
  12. I know of Luc Dionne and can probably hook you up with people who know him directly on Facebook. He taught Les Chatelaines after I did but a few of the girls who I am in contact with, who I taught do know him. I've seen his name thrown around. I'll put the word out to those people and get back to you.
  13. Color Presentation was actually presenting of the corps' National Flag .... which wasn't always the US Flag!!!!!
  14. St John's, Brantford, Ontario....still holding events and constantly morphing into something else Velvet Knights Kingsmen
  15. Wow that's totally tough stuff. It's just heartbreaking to see that happen. Reading the posts and as a professional massage therapist & dealing with knee problems regularly he may have been overcompensating for the knee problem he was suffering from and caused an unusual burden on the tibia (shin bone). Whatever caused heart goes out to him and wish him a thorough and speedy recovery.