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  1. It says that the music of Imogen Heap is being considered. I would love to hear 'Hide and Seek.' I saw The Woodlands High School band perform it this year. When I saw that I thought to myself, " That would be an amazing drum corps ballad." I was thinking that it would be good for Crown, but Cadets would do it justice. I hope it comes through.
  2. I'm excited to see how things turn out, and if I keep up my responcibilities, I can't wait to be part of it. Of course, I would like to see the technique stay close to what it has been for the past few years. I'm not the biggest fan of the technique the Cavaliers use. And 2004 definatly lived up to the hype, IMO.
  3. The Tastee Bros. are the funniest thing in music. I love the advice they give on their website on how to play high. "Play on the flattest rim you can find to allow for the use of the maximal amount of pressure possible," "Play as loud as humanly possible always," "Don't talk to legit players," and my favorite..."Get to the point where you don't have to practice. This leaves a lot more time for eating or wasting time."
  4. We had charts only. We kind of had to guess where we were supposed to go, didn't help. I think it's best to have both though.
  5. My freeday in New York City is were I learned how great I am at haggling. I got a $15 t-shirt for a $1.50. The rest of the day was spent carrying around a colorguard girl who kept passing out from heat exaustion.
  6. As in Tomball, TX. I'm from Magnolia. sorry. OT
  7. 5.) 2006 SCV ballad (echoing trumpets) 4.) 2006 PR Ave Maria 3.) 2004 Scouts ending (starting with the two trumpet soloists) 2.) 2003 PR entire show 1.) 2004 SCV push after the vanguard yell
  8. OK, I'll play....This is what I would like to see, but not a clue about who could possibly happen. 1. SCV (I always want them to win, but now there's a new born biased opinion ) 2. BD (Just because it's time to be back up there) 3. Cavies (or PR) 4. Phantom (or Cavies, just don't know) 5. Bluecoats 6. Cadets 7. Crown (or maybe switched with Cadets for 6th) 8. Scouts 9. Boston 10. Crossmen 11. Spirit 12. BK Div. II champs Oregon Crusaders (I always love their shows) Div. III champs Revolution
  9. haha. The reason why I have to wait to buy the DVDs is because of a parking ticket I got on friday. My parking permit was hanging the wrong way from my rear view mirror, so I got a citation, then three hours later, I got another citation for the same reason, from the same guy (before I even noticed the first one, I don't go to my truck but once or twice a week) so now I have to wait for some money to come my way before I buy the DVDs. It's taunting me.
  10. Thanks alot for clearing that up for me. I see that you have changed your signature, OborBrad. I hope that SCVC is awesome for you and you have a blast. Good to know that you have a place to march, and with great corps none-the-less.
  11. For anyone who was there at the SCV audition, do you remember what the point system on the evaluation sheet looked like? I know it went something like this: Ready for vanguard (certain amount of points needed) Needs to show improvement,invited back to December camp (certain amount of points need) Ready for cadet corps ( " ") How many points did we need for "Ready for Vanguard?" I can't seem to recall. Thank you much.
  12. I was at the audition, also. I know that I could have done better. I'm still waiting for the results and I'm checking my e-mail every other minute. Hopefully I'll see you in December.
  13. You need to write a full chapter on the Virginia Tech showers. Greatest showers ever. And followed by a free day in NYC none-the-less. You know what I'm talking about.
  14. Yeah, today was the first audition for SCV in Cedar Park, TX. I got so pumped up when I saw the trailer there at the site. I can't wait for the camp in two weeks.