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  1. The obvious answer is the Chief Judge of DCI.
  2. Mike Anderson on the left (current DCI judge) and Rick Lunn (Cavaliers)
  3. Haven't read all the pages leading up to now, but my thoughts are: Replace Leon with Gaines (rumor this has already taken place) and hiring Gaines will solve the next problem, being able to integrate the color guard into the show rather than having them do their own thing without the fear of interfering with the other sections. Brass speaks for itself.
  4. I agree. At times it seemed like it was the "Herbert" show with guard and horn accompaniment. He was a good performer, as I'm sure many others in the guard were as well.
  5. I'm betting the Vanguard will be making an announcement in the near future!
  6. I could have sworn I read a similar thread about this last week Just make sure you cite your sources or they'll shut you down!
  7. Word at "Spinfest" this past weekend has him leaving Cavies.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, the 1971 Troopers and the 1971 Cavaliers both danced in their shows. Troopers rifles in the "Hoe Down" number and the Cavaliers rifles did the Irish Jig in their opener.
  9. The Canterbury is a wonderful, classy hotel. You've chosen well.
  10. JUDGES Percussion Performance Alan Kristensen Contest Director Tony DiCarlo Color Guard Michael Turner Brass Performance Andrew Cook Ensemble Music Ken Turner Music Effect Nola Jones Visual Performance Juno Orefice Ensemble Visual Ed Warren Visual Effect Rich Kemp Chief Judge John Phillips
  11. Color guard and percussion, field brass and field visual all rotate.
  12. 5-judge panels through the first week of July.
  13. Here's a suggestion: If The DCI office won't respond to your request, contact one of the corps. They all have copies of the rulebook. Offer a donation to the corps for a copy of the rulebook and I'll bet they'll respond. Especially in this economy. And an observation. Knowing some of the top 12 designers, I can tell you that if anyone, let alone a judge, tried to rewrite anyone's show, it would probably be their last show as a judge. The first rule in judging is "Don't rewrite the shows." You can tell them what is working and what is not and why it's not as best you can, but that's about the
  14. I'd have to ask how many of those "400" corps actually hit the field. I know of a corps from back then that just did parades and local events that called themselves a "drum & bugle corps," but the closest they ever came to a competition was watching the local show on the 4th of July. Back then, anyone that had 8 horns in their garage called themselves a drum and bugle corps. That does diminish the pool if you require them to actually compete in a show vs marching in the local July 4th parade.
  15. I bet he doesn't because the "G8" haven't even decided how they want to be judged.
  16. Just a question. Does Regiment have DM's? Do the backfield conductors move to the front podium eventually? And who were they the years I marched in DCI (2006-07)
  17. Depth of writing in the top box separates the men from the boys. The more responsibilities on the performer in one event gets more credit even if it is performed at 90%.
  18. I was in Naperville (prior to the rain!) and heard Don Warren tell a few of his alums who were outside the stadium, that "The Cavaliers would never be a part of a plan that would hurt DCI or any of the drum corps." Looks like there might be dissension in the ranks. I have a feeling that the G-7 corps were not expecting the type of backlash they received when their plan was unveiled.
  19. That's "Tim Ochran" on Visual Ensemble. Info is on the DCI website, but I think it is restricted to judges only and contest personnel.