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  1. Can't wait for the room to get cold huh? Lol
  2. I think that it's his call. SCV has used euphs for a while but which year did they not use them......2004 when he was Caption Head. I'm not bashing the guy or anything. He was my caption head for a couple of years and I worship the guy but it's something that I have always scratched my head at.
  3. So does anyone think that there will be a surprise change for tonight to boost the score? Like BD's surprise thing in 2000. Also, very random and off topic question, does anyone know why Gino never marches euphoniums? At Cadets (Although I think that there were a few euphs in the 2005 line), Magic of Orlando, SCV and BAC.......only baritones. While I love the sound of a good bari line and the color that is brings to a hornline, euphs and baris together are a whole other sound to be reckoned with. Ask Crown, BD, SCV and Phantom lol
  4. THANK YOU! They don't move at all compared to the old BD. There's too much park and blow these days but I guess that's acceptable to the judges of today.
  5. Terrible news to wake up to. She was a tech when I marched at Magic in 2002. I'll never forget her positivity and those roller blades that she would be riding around in during every breakfast/lunch/dinner break. Rest in power Kelly πŸ™πŸΎ
  6. Did BD do something like that in 2000 with the ending tag to their show?
  7. I don't always agree with Cappybara but when I do, it's completely.
  8. Any speculations out there as to what the big changes will be for BAC come San Antonio and beyond? Different Goliath ending, different drill, different music and etc? As much as I absolutely love this year's production, it does seem like the closer does need more of a climactic ending. Just my .02 and I'm not getting paid.
  9. Sadly, I agree with you 100%. As much as I would like to see it not happen yet again.
  10. Forgive me if this has already been discussed as I'm too lazy to go through the recent pages of this thread......any word on the missing snare player? I see that the top bass is back in action after a foot injury, which is awesome to see (great recovery Anna) but also see that there are still only 7 snares 😟