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  1. This is beyond embarrassing to admit as a music major 😂 but what layering have they done to the show. I've watched their opening show up to San Antonio and can't really find too many changes besides them being a ton cleaner and more dynamic contrast.
  2. That's fair, can't fault them for wanting to me cautious. Thanks for not attacking me 😆
  3. I hope that everything is well with BAC. Not trying to be funny or anything but is this semi code for "We're adding changes and don't want them to leak out before it's judged on the field"?
  4. I'm not a fan of BD in the least but I give credit where credit is due and your post is spot on. Darn it, you're right. Like BD or not, their designers, staff and members understand the system and play into it......and very well may I add. Therefore they haven't placed less than 4th and medal every year since God knows how long. The way that I look at it, as long as they keep winning....the more that every other corps will get stronger in efforts to dethrone them and that's exciting. With that being said, congrats to the guys/gals of Concord.
  5. Somehow, this is spot on to a tee what I've been thinking but wasn't unable to put into words.
  6. Please pardon me if this topic has been asked about and/or posted already. I was simply wondering if this year will be judged and if so, will judges be back on the field or will they be on the sideline like in 2019? If this has been answered already, please direct me to the thread. Thanks fellow DCI family!
  7. Is there any way to see this if one doesn't have a Facebook account?
  8. By chance, does anyone out there (former staff, alumni or general knowledge) know who was on staff for the Boston Crusaders 2014 "Animal Farm" show? Specifically the drill designer and battery arranger. Thanks!
  9. Can't wait for the room to get cold huh? Lol
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