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  1. Oh God yes! Award for post of the year!
  2. I completely Agree - I actually loved that show. Maybe just another attempt to flame a corps that rarely gets flamed?
  3. All I can say is I hope they all go up in score - keep showing improvement. AND if I had my way the Scouts would go up at least 3 points. :P
  4. Makes me wonder if the kids that do the speaking during the Cadets show get something like a gold mike patch for their corps jacket.
  5. Maybe wearing one to a show is a bit tastless. I think a better use of the shirt would be to send one to each staff member.
  6. Boy I hope that show doesn't rain out! Two years ago it rained big time before and during the show - somehow the rain subsided enough for everyone to perform but it was pretty wet at Rice stadium. Really glad the show has been moved to the Berry complex. Never been there but I can bet it smells better! I swear I could smell the urinals in the Mens room from my seat...
  7. All I know is that as hot as is it is this week (and next week should be more of the same), I hope the corps' housing sites have good solid air conditioning. I can't imagine sleeping in this armpit of a city without A/C.
  8. And a big old cup of STFU for this whiner! - Can't believe this thread is still open!
  9. T-Shirts were done by JJAYBOYD - a stand up comedian and drum corps fan. A RAMD regular. You can get the shirts here: Link deleted - no longer for sale.
  10. Yeah! I'm going to both shows as well. In 2005 I went to the Houston show - 1st DCI show I'd been to in years. I seriously considered driving to SA for the show the next day. Last year I went to SA and had a great time. This year I'm going to both... Can't wait!
  11. Whatever. Don't actually remember posting that but i'm sure you could dig it up. Have a good time at the show.
  12. Well they certainly were bested tonight. Not by much but they were indeed beaten. Good Night - Now I'm Giddy!
  13. Wow - how friendly. Never saw your corps. Just didn't care for the 93 show that I've only seen on video. No problem. I'm sure I'll meet enough folks without you. no big loss. Just wanted to meet more drum corps fans in the area.