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  1. Flat out, there is a reason, why Devs were called White Noise in 88, and also, there is simply no comparison between todays Corps and G Valve Bugles...with fewer members. Anything from G era had a much more robust sound and subsequently, the corps produces much LOUDER melt your face product!
  2. Interesting read. I do feel that in someways we have alienated the people who probably mean the most to the activity, the Traditionalist. we are seeking newer fan base, and "losing" when we should be cultivating the former and current fan base. We have so polarized Drum Corps fan base, sure there is something there for everyone. But really, really, what Alum didn't have some type of are you kidding me moment...ala Cavies, dance, dance, dance craze, I even spoke to Cavalier Alumsn who could only put there head in their hands and shake them...but those same fans, hailed into such high regard Madison! GO MADISON! Unfortunately, you can't necessarily give the entire set of keys to one sole person as the direction of an entity. There was nothing truly wrong with drum corps, yet we intentionally broke it. G Bugle manufacturers or not! 2012 Crown, is the first and quite possibly the only Corps since the last year of G Bugles that made my face nearly melt! Thank you Matt Harloff! As far as developing a story in 11 1/2 Michael, did you not pay any attention to what most consider the Golden Era of DCI 83-93 transition. Some of the most memorable story lines ever told in DCI were done in 11 1/2 minutes. We have seen way too many shows that are A.D.D oriented. This year is one of the few that the Top 12 corps developed truly complete shows, and even then, some of them failed miserably in MAJOR Transitions from one segment to the next and two were in the Top 6. I don't know, it is ironic we talk of to today, but even looking at that photo, just makes me wonder about the whole article...Fluff I tell you, Fluff!
  3. Don't be delusional about "record" numbers, there are record numbers at certain show sites, because there are fewer shows to attend and an increase in major regional sites with major corps in attendence. I don't really care at the end of the day who won, cause 10 years from now, you will remember the best shows, wherever they placed. DCI may still be around...but, this is going to end up with only 6-8 corps regionally and that's it. I actually enjoyed BD's show, but feel that Crown wasn't rewarded for their show production and demand, which really was, simply a tougher show top to bottom, and they paid for it. Rough that Beddis left, but that is probably the ultimate sticking point for Crown this year. Percussion, couldn't push them over the top, but was their achilles heel. Devs aren't the death of Drum Corps, personally, the biggest problem was getting away from their target audience to increase the marketability...just like Pepsi "Clear" or the Ferrari Dino. Interesting concepts, but ultimately bad idea!
  4. This is a simple answer...this falls under the the topic of "NO AMPLIFICATION REQUIRED". Listen to the 70's 80's and 90's and you will find a rich robust sound that is provided by merely 6-10 members, playing Large Bore Contrabass bugles. We have increased the number and moved to a smaller bore instrument(Tuba's) and there is simply no comparison. Sure people are lost in the "blow your face off mentality that still exists, and the quality of musicianship is the pinnacle of marching music and even other genre's, but taking nothing away from current era, the quality of instrumentation is simply unrivaled.
  5. I'm just glad to see SCV being SCV. Just hasn't been that way for some time. No matter what they place...I love seeing them as they should be.
  6. My guess is you are going to want to go back and see what Drum Corps was about through the 30's 40's and into the 80's. I kinda doubt that this will be the "future" of the entire activity. It will actually probably only lead to the Final 6-8 corps in existence regionally throughout the US and their affiliated "feeder" entitites.
  7. Can't wait to hear the review...I sense there is some trepidation in "DEVS Win" LOL, I am confused. Phantom just seems to me to be a bit better right now. and SCV has a great vehicle but is where they should be. Achievement...bah humbug...LOL
  8. Can't believe that 87 Garfield wasn't mentioned within the first page...LOL! HANDS DOWN, Dissappear, and Rebuild...AWESOMe!...For hearing the Overtones SCV Phantom the Diagonal CF in 88 Superb! And just a thought when is the last time Devs ever did a CF...hahahaha. LOVE IT!