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  1. A couple of video clips from this morning are up on the Blue Stars Facebook page.
  2. A little ear candy from Dublin:
  3. Couple of good lot videos tonight from @TheBlueStars. Kind of dead here tonight.
  4. FWIW, Blue Stars went from the neighborhood of 12th place on July 1st to 8th place on finals night in 2008. It's probably safe to consider 2008 to be part of the current era of drum corps.
  5. Nope, there are 16 this season. Thanks for taking the time and effort to review!
  6. A lot of the music is original composition, and I haven't heard it enough to parse it. And if you're hearing faux guitar stuff, it's probably real guitar stuff.
  7. Random thought of the day. One of my favorite elements of this year's show is a ripple saber toss where a pair of hornline members march with a couch down the line, passing it over the head of each guard member between their toss and the catch. Finishing with the couch rotated to be parallel to the front sideline followed by saber toss over the couch, caught by the guard member after ducking under and through.
  8. Annnd, the Blue Stars:
  9. Lol... three kids separated by semicolons in the signature. The first one though, in addition to marching 4 seasons with the Blue Stars, also marched Brass Odyssey and is now a DCI brass technician.
  10. MMM, thanks for crossposting the tweets!
  11. If you're debating on whether or not what you get is worth $69 to you, something to keep in mind is that the money does end up supporting the activity, so you can think of yourself as altruistic. Also, it's a blast to explore the archives of past years' shows... that's probably worth the expense by itself for one year, anyway. YMMV.
  12. It wouldn't seem that a nonprofit entity videoing itself and sharing the videos for free would fall under the umbrella of commercial use.