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  1. Good point Brian. I never thought about the Muchachos in 74 and75. All of these corps were so close to each other geographically. Man the talent pool back then was amazing!
  2. Thanks everyone for the information. The addition of Jim Brady in 77 was a game changer. The corps was great in 76, but Jim's solo work was out of this world! Truly the best soloist to perform with a drum corps IMO. I cannot imagine a finalist corps in today's activity going from making finals to finishing 26th and then back into finals again within a few short years! I sure am glad the Bridgemen made the move to the bananas. The world would have missed out on a true gem if that didn't happen!
  3. Everyone knows what happened to the Bridgemen in 1977, but I have never heard anyone talk about what happened to them in 1974 and 75. I remember listening to recordings of the corps in 1972 and 73 with the triple tonguing soprano line and all. They were a very fine corps and made DCI finals both years. In 1974 they dropped to 26th place at DCI! What happened here? Some of the charts from the previous years show were still used in 1974 (in different places of the show) so it was not a dramatic show design issue (I don't think). Then in 1975, according to corpsreps they didn't even attend DCI championships, or at least no placement is given. This seems very strange to me since DCI was in Philly that year and Bayonne was not too far away (compared to say Whitewater, WI). It appears as though they fielded a corps in 1975 so what was the story here. Then in 1976 they pop back into finals in 6th place! I know they re-invented themselves into the Bananas in 1976 and had Bobby Hoffman's magic to work from. If Bobby was the answer his genius is even more amazing than I originally appreciated (and that says a lot!). I am very interested to hear any stories of information to clear this up.
  4. Like it lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would only change one thing, Cavies in 9th.
  5. Blue Stars have been at the top (or very near), fell to Division III in the 80's and then have come back up.
  6. What does the crowd reaction have to do with what the Blue Devils are doing?
  7. Gail Royer(center of the photo to Scott Stewart's left), Scott Stewart (to Hopkins' left (first time in a suit), Dr. Dan Richardson (the tallest one--always!), Don Pesceone (behind Hopkins).
  8. 1985 DCI Championships in Madison-I marched with the Scouts. The first time we marched into Camp Randall stadium the crowd went nuts! I have never heard a crowd as loud as I did that night. Thanks for the memories.
  9. Wow, you mean we only get to chose one? That is really tough. I am going to have to go with the photo of Blue Devils' soprano soloist Jay Long on the cover of the 1983 DCI yearbook. Classic uniform! Great soloist! and unbelievable photo taken in the days of day-time prelims so the colors really pop! Sorry, I don't have a copy of this photo to share, but it is worth digging for!
  10. Hey Keith I just posted something on another topic you started entitled, "What memories do you have of..." I have not been an active fan of the activity from many years now, but I do relish some of the stories shared on forums like this. The stories on the other topic about the 1965 RoyalAires and the IC protest as priceless. To me drum corps is a precise activity that may not appeal to me any more, but the memories and experiences the activity provided me are something I will cherish until I now longer take breath!
  11. I must say that this is one of my favorite all time topics. Thank you for starting it. The stories from 1965 and 1966 are awesome. Although I have not been an active fan of the activity for many years the stories shared here have rekindled my love for the activity. It was definitely a different time and age back then. Of particular note was the story of the "sit down protest". Thank you so much for providing some first-hand experience and shedding some new light on the situation. I cannot even imagine something like that being possible today. Thank you for the great stories! This old fart certainly did enjoy them.
  12. I was a full time employee of a drum corps for 13 years as the assistant director and director. I marched in drum corps for 11 years becoming a section leader before I aged out. In my last couple of years of marching I volunteered in the corps office to help out where I could-- filing paperwork, running errands, etc... I always knew I wanted to teach drum corps, but honestly I don't remember thinking that I wanted to become a director. My first year I worked full time I was paid $6,000. That was it for the entire year! And this was in 1989. I had to completely structure my life around living off of what the corps could pay me. I have absolutely no regrets and would do it all over again if I could! I lived in the corps office. My desk was literally 10 feet from my bed! I never bought clothes. I did everything I could to live on what I was paid for the first couple of years. It never really got to the point where I was paid a "normal" salary. At the end of my more than decade with the corps I was making just over $20,000 a year. After the very lean early years I thought I was rich! LOL Working full time for the corps meant that I had to give my life to the corps. I worked harder and longer than I have since then. It was a work of passion and I loved every minute of it. I know now there are many full time directors nowadays. They typically make in the $40's to $60's depending on several factors. Full time instructors, as mentioned by others typically are teaching, writing, judging, etc... several groups just to make a livable wage. I have known full time drill writers and guard people who make out okay once they have established themselves at the top of their game. Yes it can be done, but you must be at the top of your craft before anything else will open up for you.
  13. I'm not the one on DCP in the middle of the day, so I ask you--Who is the one that needs to get a job? Call Marc, I think he has a job for you!
  14. Thanks. I do what I can. Might as well have fun with it!!!