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  1. well.........i was one of those blue devil alums that worked with the corps. Scott Kent was one as well. i was there in the early part of 1983. we rehearsed at the old Park Plaza Hotel across from MacArthur Park in downtown LA. Chuck Edwards was the buffoon that ran the show. he still owes me $500 for my work. there was a marine corps cat that did the horn arrangements and another that worked with the drum line. Daniel Bejarano (Stockton Commodores and now drummer with Kenny G) was a drum instructor as well. he's waiting for his $500 bones as well. Sandy & Doug Macdonald (?) were instruct
  2. i'm pretty sure that is me should be 1975 commodores?
  3. but russell 1975 wouldn't be complete without a picture of you in both a Vanguard uniform and a Stockton Commodore uniform :-)
  4. you know i think you might be right. maybe after 30+ years i am confusing jim and i standing together at the end and not at the beginning. and i think that is diz diniz. boy it has been a LONG time
  5. i'm in this picture. i am second on the left just behind dave gibbs. this should be us entering boulder "mork and mindy" stadium at '78 prelims. jim macfarland is the lead sop standing next to me and behind pat haro. jim and i were the two that went out and spotted our OTL formation on either side of the 50. it does look pretty bad###ed
  6. hey russ Spirit '79 was the LOUDEST hornline that I ever heard!
  7. dig that plastic mouthpiece the happy dude is playing
  8. ahh! the infamous Thunder Bass as we called it.
  9. hey dave didn't we do that spiral move first in '78 as well? ron
  10. i believe that it was Scott Turret (sp) [sounds like turray]