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  1. Before people jump in on this one... Its clear from a few of your posts on these subjects that you have a problem with the structure that makes up our organization. I would be interested in hearing more about what you have seen, experienced, and know about the direction and vision of blue knights. In being fair and open, hopefully we as a community can learn more of where you are coming from. With that said, maybe I can give the little insight I know about on the direction and vision of the Blue Knights. Over the past 5 years, major changes have been made to the creative staff and instruct
  2. Well that should give both corps a jolt of extra motivation going into the last week!
  3. Darn wish Boston and BK could have gotten their 90s in before Indy. Could be hard to reach that now.
  4. Before the bloodbath... Thank you very much, you have a nice drum corps.
  5. I usually don't post reviews, but there has not been many this year for some reason. -Before the show Bought tickets from YEA and thank god. The line for the box office looked to be 30 min or more at 7:25. I just walked up to the YEA staff and was in and out in seconds. Was in the cheep seats tonight as I brought a group of 6 new folks out and didn't want them spending a ton. We were 30 rows back on the 10 yard line on side 1 - obviously a non-ideal advantage point, but we had plenty of fun as discussed later. -Blue Stars I enjoyed their opening min or so and was entertained by the las
  6. Yeah I was a dm and learned so much from that experience. My three years in the hornline taught me the activity but that year shed light about the forces behind the activity. That's why I choose to stay out of most discussions here. I am here to support the activity and ill keep my opinions between me and the people who ask for them - mostly my freinds on staffs. I think we are seeing the end of the activity here because of costs and declining bingo incomes. I hope we enjoy these shows because I think they will be the last of an era soon. On another note, I have never seen so many people
  7. Just for some clarification, my reference wasn't just to BK, just corps in general. Just for your info, the buses are rented to get membership numbers up. New uniforms have been on the plans for a few years from my memory. Yes both were not necessities to stay afloat, but i think they were done under the thought to stay competitive and fresh. I think that most corps with fuel prices do need donations. Just my opinion, I may be wrong through.
  8. This has got to be the longest mid-season thread BK has ever gotten - maybe the only one other than "can magic/scades/glasspac/etc. beat bk" threads. P.S. I think its easy to criticize (even in a constructive manner) and even easier as an alum to defend a corps or staff, but what this corps and many others need is volunteers and donations. Maybe take the time to ask what is needed to keep the activity going instead of all of this "mine's much bigger than his". You may learn whats really going on at a corps if you work a bit for them!
  9. They would have to start a few to feel good tonight
  10. There is going to be an ugly post about BC's color guard score. Wouldnt want to be that judge in critique.
  11. So he is not completely in the dark about where William has taught, but there is inaccuracy in his logic (by the way william has never been a part of Opus 10 - only Oracle - google it and then read). I would imagine that all judges, just like all the folks here, have preferences and direct ties to all the drum corps in one way or another. Everyone feels like they have been screwed one way or another. Just ask any BK hornline people from 1999 or 2000 about Andy Poor. How could you be a judge and not be associated in some way? Its always funny to see how parinoid people get when there is re
  12. Its pretty embarrassing to see both of you go back and forth.
  13. 12 stitches later and she will be on the bus tonight! Congrats Ashley you have your own thread on DCP!
  14. Seams to me that the scores are going to be vastly changing in a hurry with the larger panel. I am surprised this hasn't been talked about more. Any comments/predictions with corps and their relative placements?
  15. From my experience, the staffs that I have been on, worked under, or taught me really varied in styles depending on the maturity and the dynamics of the group. It looks from this thread that everyone had similar experiences. What I would like to add is that staffs tend to be learning all season as well as the members. More experienced staffs tend to have a more even technique when working with members.
  16. With still volunteering quite a bit and being a 4 year vet of BK, I still dont think I have a good insight about what went on or goes on in the corps. Some members were told to not react to the audience adversely because they are young and unexperienced. Other members were mature enough to handle it. Some took to heart that we were the underdog. Others saw us as a top 6 group. There are many perspectives within the group that make a full corps. Please dont peg a corps on a post - most groups are much more than that one perspective.
  17. I dont think that a parent and a past 2 year member can speak for the corps. EDIT: I would like to add that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but please put their view in perspective with their role/involvement in the corps.
  18. I really dont think that one can generalize about seasons like that. 2002 talent wasnt the big problem. 2003 young kids where the only ones that the organization could get.
  19. I think all of these issues from last nights thread and this one can be summed up as perspective. People's perspective dictates there goals of the activity, their likes and dislikes in the activity, and the entertainment value of the activity. Their perspective is formed by how they were introduced to the activity and who trained them. It seams like these forums are places for people to prove to everyone else that their perspective is the only perspective or the best perspective on the activity. Far be it from me to belittle someone else because they don't enjoy my corps or X corps. I wou
  20. 2008 BK Looks like BK has gone pro with some of their media! This is the video from their website . Love the parade corps pictures. 16 days - cant wait to see what 2008 brings