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  1. I have Xfinity 150 Mbps internet and FireStick. I had no issues until finals night. Got the error message about 5-10 times per performance. During Blue Devils, it got worse. I kept getting kicked out of the stream completely and heard the line about “Williams bowling a 300” about 50 times (not an exaggeration). Contacted Flo, who admitted there was a problem, yet they refused to do anything about it (no refund because I watched at least 1 second of paid content).
  2. YouTube feed is perfect. Why was Flo so bad? Why can’t DCI partner with YouTube Live?
  3. I saw about 45-50 seconds total of BD’s performance in 4 second segments.
  4. Flo is off the charts bad. I keep getting switched to the bowling feed! I’ve seen less than 40 seconds of BD thus far.
  5. Flo is driving me bonkers. I got a response from them. They admitted they are having issues on THEIR end. Missed half of Crown’s ballad.
  6. “Hmm, something happened. Please reload the stream.” Every. 10. Seconds.
  7. My Flo feed has been cutting out every 10 seconds. Had no issues whatsoever last night or last weekend. Ugh.
  8. Agreed. Been saying this all year. Ruined what could have been a nice ending.