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  1. False ending fooled us all! Nice job, Madison. I really enjoyed it!
  2. DCI rep tells me they have no control over FloMarching’s choice to get rid of the monthly subscription option but will communicate with them to try to clarify the situation. Uh huh. The funny thing is some people can still get the monthly subscription (on a different browser, Roku app, etc.) but others cannot. It’s like they specifically targeted some (previous monthly subscribers?). This lack of transparency is really bothersome.
  3. Tried it via mobile, Facebook, luck. I contacted DCI and they reaffirmed that there should be a monthly option. FloMarching did this without DCI’s knowledge.
  4. FloMarching also replied to me that they no longer offer a monthly subscription. This is total BS.
  5. Interesting. I can't see the monthly option, only yearly! I reached out to customer service. Will update if I hear anything from them.
  6. Same thing happened to me last year, but I can't even sign up for month-to-month right now. The only options are yearly!
  7. I just went to sign up for a month of FloMarching (so that finals is included) and it's only giving me the option to purchase a yearly subscription. What changed? I hope they didn't eliminate the month-to-month option just because it's within 30 days of finals!
  8. Absolutely loved Bluecoats’ show! WOW!
  9. The herald trumpet feature comes just after Hamilton says, "Rise up!"
  10. The herald trumpet/trombone feature is going to be absolutely incredible on the field this summer!
  11. Really looking forward to Cadets 2019! Love this show concept.
  12. All I want is for one corps to move up a seed from prelims.
  13. Well done, Cadets. So proud of each and every member of the corps and staff.