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  1. 1997 For me that means Crossmen. I went to Finals in Orlando by myself in '97. I flew down, spent the days in Disney and the evenings watching the shows. After Finals I went to dinner with some other folks I had met in the stands, we talked and laughed for a while, and I mentioned I had a 2:00 flight the next day. Someone suggested I could go get on standby for an earlier flight, which sounded like a good idea. So I did. I managed to get a seat on a 9:00am flight the next morning. When I took my seat I noticed the girl next to me was wearing a Crossmen jacket and had her medal around her neck. I told her how much I had enjoyed their show, and we struck up a conversation which lasted all the way to Bradley airport in Hartford. She told me about her summer, and school, and her dreams. Just before we were landing we hit some turbulence, and she grabbed my hand. The world stood still. As we pulled into the terminal I screwed up the courage to ask her out on a date. It may have just been my imagination, but when I did I swear that every other conversation on that plane stopped. It was like everyone was holding their breath. Lucky for me she didn't shoot me down in front of everyone. She agreed to go to a DCA show with me that weekend. There's a lot more to the story, but what it all comes down to is we're going to have our 20th wedding anniversary this summer. Unfortunately we're going through a very difficult time right now. She has an extremely serious medical condition that we are frankly just trying to survive. If any of you have any spare karma to share we could sure use it right now... For me 1997 will always be about the Crossmen.
  2. There are plenty of highlights from '88. Vanguard's first run at Phantom of the Opera which was, in my opinion, even more entertaining than their championship reprise of '89. The Devils were just plain cool with their swagger and musicality. Madison brought the house down with their muscular Malaguena... … but for me the show of the year has to be Velvet Knights. That soprano line was off the hook in Zorba, and even though Madison won it all with Malaguena, the VK version is an all-time classic. That show had comedy gold and pure entertainment from top to bottom, culminating in a patriotic salute that could only be dreamt up in California. If I could only see one show from '88 hands down I'd pick VK.
  3. The entire top 5 were very entertaining in '94. I especially enjoyed the Cadets and Vanguard. I still have my '94 Vanguard shirt. If it was a person it would have aged out 5 years ago. I wish it still fit...
  4. I find it almost poetic that the one typo in your post was in the name of the Browns. Those guys never catch a break. πŸ˜›
  5. 1993 was the year DCI experimented with closed circuit broadcasts of Finals. I remember the senior corps I was marching with rented a hotel ballroom for the night and hooked up a large screen and projector for the show. It was like a precursor of the cinema productions they now do. As was the case back then, if you weren't wealthy enough to travel a lot there were usually a number of corps you didn't get a chance to see before finals because they had toured a different region of the country. In '93 that included Star for us. The first viewing we had of that show was Finals night. We just weren't ready for it. I clearly recall during one of the extended quiet sections of the show someone in the back of the room shouting "Play something!" and everyone cracking up. In hindsight of course we recognize the genius of that show, but at the time it was very controversial and we just didn't know what to make of it.
  6. I'm guessing either Rocky Point Holiday or Cadillac of the Skies
  7. So you're asking if I would cheer for a 1980's or '90's show? Heck yeah I would!
  8. What I love about these lists is how few of the shows chosen actually won. I think it's a great demonstration that winning is great, but doing something powerful and memorable is even better.
  9. I may have had 4, but they were consecutive years. You had three, but they weren't consecutive. So we both failed πŸ˜›
  10. 1990 Star of Indiana Belshazzar's Feast 1991 Blue Devils Conversations in Jazz 1992 Crossmen Songs for the Planet Earth 1993 Blue Devils A Don Ellis Portrait Yes, I cheated. You can bill the extra show to my room service.
  11. Paul Cain - that guy was a treasure. I can still hear his voice announcing the corps... I don't know of any other announcer who so effortlessly communicated his, and our, love for those kids on the field.
  12. They are fortunate that they have a BINGO operation. It may be shuttered now, but that is presumably temporary. At least they can look forward to that reopening and generating some income during 2020. I'm sure there are some other corps without a source of income other than corporate sponsorships, member fees, show money and donations. Those corps will be in even deeper financial trouble this year... 😞
  13. BD 91 is one of my favorites ever from them. That music book was 20 years ahead of it's time, and the brass was flawless.
  14. In '90 a buddy and I drove up from Connecticut to Buffalo on Friday night. We slept in the car (we were kids with no money for a hotel) and got to the stadium early the next morning. We spent a few hours watching warmups and buying t-shirts and then made our way into the show. Back then there was no YouTube, no recordings being shared during the season. You saw what you could live, if you were lucky enough to have shows within driving distance, otherwise the only descriptions of shows you got came from the weekly Drum Corps News newspaper. We had seen the Cadets and Blue Devils and a few other top corps that had been at some of the Northeast shows that year, but we had not seen SCV. We went into that finals performance knowing nothing but the title. It blew us away. The opening hit was monstrous, just the biggest sound we had ever heard. That show was pure joy all the way through. And when the finale came, and the corps ran off the field, and we thought it was over..... and then that final chord came floating out of the tunnel.... well you can imagine we just lost it. The recording can't capture the magic of that moment. I will never forget that show.