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  1. Just to the north of the stadium there is also a practice field where you can still see the drill marked out
  2. Walla Walla, Washington Pismo Beach, California Albuquerque, New Mexico Saskatoon, Saskatchewan If you think I chose those so that VK and the Bridgemen would be forced to reform and win some championships, well, you might be right.
  3. Chicago Atlanta Boston San Francisco I picked those because they each have rich Drum Corps traditions, have world class facilities available, and give fans from all areas of the country a shot at a finals within a reasonable travel distance. Yes, I know San Francisco is a burden on a lot of the smaller Open Class corps, but honestly if they cannot afford to cross the Rockies once every 4 years then so be it.
  4. Felliniesque Down Side Up Babylon It's like trying to choose your favorite pet, you love them all. This one is a good cuddler, that one knows the best tricks, and this one over here has those soulful eyes and one ear that flops over so cute. I'm going to refrain from voting because it would feel like a betrayal of the others on my list.
  5. I picked Metropolis because it's the one I find myself listening to most frequently.
  6. '91 Blue Devils - Bird and Bela '93 Blue devils - Don Ellis Portrait '95 Cadets - An American Quintet '07 Regiment - On Air '10 Regiment - Into the Light '10 Bluecoats - Metropolis '09 Carolina Crown - The Grass is Always Greener
  7. For me it was a really tight call between Les Mis and Rach Star. I voted Les Mis but honestly I could have gone either way.
  8. Bluecoats' sitar/trombone opening of Within You, Without you. I loved the entire show but the start of that piece was goosebump city for me every time.
  9. Stop with gray neutral-tone uniforms. It hard to read the great things you are doing visually when you blend in to the background.
  10. After you watch '08 Regiment also look up the '08 awards ceremony. When #2 gets announced it's bedlam. <cue the Cavaliers members fainting>
  11. Yes, it was an out-of-line question and totally inappropriate. It could have been avoided with better preparation and knowing what he was going to ask rather than just winging it. That being said, once it was out there, he was very contrite, took responsibility, and handled the situation in about as responsible and professional a manner as you could ask for. That goes a long way toward rectifying the situation. We've all done and said some silly things in our day, the guy deserves some slack.
  12. 7 Rennick lines have taken the Sanford in the last 13 years. Incredible.
  13. Well seeing how successful Bloo's show was this year maybe Boston should do a show of the rock band Boston We're Ready Forplay/Long Time Smokin Peace of Mind Rock & Roll Band I wrote this in jest but darn, that actually sounds like a pretty good show!
  14. There have been some "best of" shows such as '03 Cadets "Our Favorite Things" or '90 Cadets "A Bernstein Celebration" Also, VK used to throw in a lot of references to other corps, such as the Bottle Dance in '92 "NOT"