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  1. Speaking of '88 '88 Velvet Knights treatment of Malaguena. Whatever they were smoking in the staff design meeting probably wasn't legal yet. The whole production that year was pure entertainment but that Malaguena bit stole the show, and definitely took some guts.
  2. Suncoast Sound '88 for being about a decade ahead of their time in both content and style.
  3. With probably a 2 year hiatus, there's something to be said for allowing a one-time extra year of eligibility to help provide corps with some continuity of traditions. Vets are a huge part of keeping corps traditions and stories and culture alive, leading by example. Without vets some of the things that makes Corps X be "Corps X" is lost.
  4. The vaccines will be going out, but there will undoubtedly be a lag between the time that the public gets access in April and when the school boards (or more accurately their lawyers) will start relaxing their policies on public events. I just don't see the schools cooperating in time to hold a tour this year.
  5. Some good news this morning. Moderna announced a 95% successful vaccine that only requires a standard freezer (which all clinics and pharmacies have), and is viable for up to 30 days. This will be much easier to ship and manage than the Pfizer vaccine which required super-cold freezers and was only viable for 5 days. I don't think this will have any effect on the 2021 season, but it does open the door for the nation to be back to something close enough to normal to hope for a return in 2022.
  6. The vaccines are coming, but their implementation will be slow, starting with front line medical workers and then being phased in for other segments of the population. School boards will remain extremely wary about the safety of their staffs and the legal implications of opening their facilities for the use of large groups of strangers from across the country. While a few might bite the bullet i think the vast majority will still be in the "sorry, ask us again next year" category. I think we simply won't have the infrastructure available to run a tour even if the instructional staf
  7. Today is Charlie Parker's 100th birthday. What better way to celebrate one of the most creative minds in 20th century music than by pulling out the old CDs or videos of the '91 Blue Devils and their amazing Conversations in Jazz show. As if you needed an excuse to bathe in the sound of one of the finest brass line DCI ever fielded.
  8. Technically "88 Finals" is a show, so I'm going with that - that year was all-time great, one of the best ever Suncoast Sound VK BD SCV Madison
  9. I'm not a lawyer, but based on what is presented in the article, if accurate, I'd say maybe he has a case as far as the business expenses and the 2017 bonus are concerned, but the rest of it seems unlikely. At least I hope so.
  10. 1997 For me that means Crossmen. I went to Finals in Orlando by myself in '97. I flew down, spent the days in Disney and the evenings watching the shows. After Finals I went to dinner with some other folks I had met in the stands, we talked and laughed for a while, and I mentioned I had a 2:00 flight the next day. Someone suggested I could go get on standby for an earlier flight, which sounded like a good idea. So I did. I managed to get a seat on a 9:00am flight the next morning. When I took my seat I noticed the girl next to me was wearing a Crossmen jacket and had her medal a
  11. There are plenty of highlights from '88. Vanguard's first run at Phantom of the Opera which was, in my opinion, even more entertaining than their championship reprise of '89. The Devils were just plain cool with their swagger and musicality. Madison brought the house down with their muscular Malaguena... … but for me the show of the year has to be Velvet Knights. That soprano line was off the hook in Zorba, and even though Madison won it all with Malaguena, the VK version is an all-time classic. That show had comedy gold and pure entertainment from top to bottom, culminating in a patrioti
  12. The entire top 5 were very entertaining in '94. I especially enjoyed the Cadets and Vanguard. I still have my '94 Vanguard shirt. If it was a person it would have aged out 5 years ago. I wish it still fit...
  13. I find it almost poetic that the one typo in your post was in the name of the Browns. Those guys never catch a break. 😛