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  1. Thanks for making this available on here. Although I can follow the links - I still don't know where to find it by logging directly onto the DCI website. But then that website is not very helpful for other things either.
  2. This is the email I got from DCI late Friday. Greetings 2021 Friends of DCI! For those who have attended DCI shows and/or supported the corps - whether in-person or virtually - thank you! What the corps performers, staff, and volunteers are accomplishing in 2021 is nothing short of amazing! With gratitude, we would like to provide you with a small token of appreciation (one per 2021 Friends of DCI Membership). If you are a Friend of DCI and will be attending the 2021 Celebration Events at Lucas Oil Stadium, you can pick this up at the location and during the times listed below. If you are a Friend of DCI and will not be attending the 2021 Celebration Events at Lucas Oil Stadium, we will be sending this to you in the mail. Friends of DCI Appreciation Pick-Up - North East Gate of Lucas Oil Stadium Thursday, August 12th - 1:30 - 6:00 PM Eastern Friday, August 13th - 12:30 - 6:00 PM Eastern Saturday, August 14th - 12:30 PM - 6:00 PM Eastern Questions, Concerns, Important Information & FAQs If you have any questions or concerns related to Ticketing, please reach out via email (tickets@dci.org), by phone (317.275.1212), or at the Lucas Oil Box Office in Indianapolis during the events August 12th - 14th. Please check your spam/junk folder if you are not able to find your tickets. If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns over the next week, please contact us HERE. Attached to this email is an Important Information and FAQ sheet regarding the 2021 DCI Celebration Events in Indianapolis from Drum Corps International. Please be aware that I will be unreachable during the 2021 DCI Celebration Events in Indianapolis due to my role on the field during the shows. With appreciation, Meredith Anderson -- Meredith Anderson Operations Administrator Drum Corps International Marching Music's Major League™ 2495 Directors Row, Suite I Indianapolis, IN 46241 317.713.0690 fax www.DCI.org ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021 DCI Celebration Event Important Information and FAQ We are excited to welcome you to the 2021 DCI Celebration Events in Indianapolis! More than ever before, we are focused on the safety of everyone involved with our activities this summer, including the thousands of guests who will be joining us in the stadium. We are continuing to follow the applicable guidance from the CDC, the Marion County (IN) Department of Health, and Lucas Oil Stadium, as well as the stringent guidelines created by the DCI Tour Reopening Task Force. Despite these efforts, we are all cognizant of the fact that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. We recognize that COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease which can lead to severe illness and death according to the CDC. By entering the stadium, our ticket holders voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. As always, we are concerned for the health, wellness and safety of everyone taking part in our remarkable activity. With the pandemic in the forefront, we are mindful of the entire community – including our students, teachers, administrators, volunteers and the legion of loyal fans who support them. Please rest assured that we will continue to monitor guidance from the CDC and Marion County in our preparation for what is shaping up to be a fantastic week of performances by the resilient, hard-working and remarkable performers who will share the greatest stage in marching music upon their arrival in Indianapolis. We wish you safe travels and will look forward to welcoming you to the Celebration! Frequently Asked Questions Health and Safety protocols have been implemented with guidance from the CDC, Marion County (IN) Department of Health, and Lucas Oil Stadium along with input from the DCI Tour Reopening Task Force. Is there a vaccination requirement for attending DCI celebration events at Lucas Oil Stadium? We are not requiring vaccinations for spectators in attendance at the event. We respectfully ask everyone to please get vaccinated. Will temperatures be taken upon entering? Event staff will not be taking temperatures for entrance into the venue. Will masks be required while in the stadium? Spectators will not be required to wear masks. There are no mask mandates in Indiana at this time. However, pursuant to CDC guidelines, wearing of masks while inside Lucas Oil Stadium is strongly encouraged. All DCI Staff and corps personnel will be required to wear masks while inside the venue for the safety of all. Social Distancing? Fans are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and be respectful of all in regard to practicing social distancing. Below are steps that DCI has taken to assist in this regard: 1. For 2021, fans will be able to enter through the North and West entrances, closer to the spectator seating. The East and South entrances will be closed, helping you to limit your time in the marketplace if you so choose. 2. The DCI Marketplace features a reduced number of booths spread through Lucas Oil Plaza and the West Concourse. We’ve done this to create additional distancing opportunities between corps merchandise booths. 3. With additional entrances for spectator entry and the fact that the number of people in attendance each day will be less than it has been in the past, social distancing practices should be easier to manage for all. Were tickets sold with an empty seat between parties? No. Requirements for spacing between seats was removed by Lucas Oil Stadium with approval from the Marion County (IN) Health Department at the beginning of July. Will all or most restrooms be open or will there be limits on the number of people to reduce exposure? All restrooms in areas that we are using should be open. There are currently no limits regarding the number of guests in the restroom at a given time. Will there be enforcement of the stadium rule requiring ticket holders to sit in purchased seats ONLY? All seats are reserved, and stadium personnel will happily assist guests with locating their ticketed seats. When will the Performance schedule be released? The daily performance schedule is currently slated for release by August 7. Each day will feature the same performance order for performing corps but with the addition of special programming unique to each day’s event: 1. The brand new GPG Music Stage will showcase different small group performances each day. 2. Special “Virtual” corps performances and recognitions will be featured on the stadium Jumbotron screens throughout all three days.. 3. Age-outs will be recognized throughout the day on Friday. 4. Saturday’s event will feature special performances from the University of Cincinnati Marching Bearcat Band, The Columbus Saints, the US Marine Drum & Bugle Corps, and a very special DrumLine Battle between the Memphis Youth Arts Initiative and the ATL Drum Academy Thursday’s event will begin at 3:00 PM ET. Events on Friday and Saturday will start at 2:00 PM ET each day. All three days of DCI Celebration events are scheduled to end at approximately 11:00 PM ET. What can we bring into Lucas Oil Stadium? Lucas Oil Stadium has determined that the 2021 DCI Celebration Events do not require adherence to the NFL “Clear Bag” Policy. However, the size of what you bring in should be limited to a maximum size of 12 x 6 x 12. All bags will be searched upon entrance and no outside food or beverages are permitted in Lucas Oil Stadium. Is Lucas Oil Stadium cashless? Lucas Oil Stadium is a cashless stadium and only accepts card and mobile payment for both concessions and stadium retail purchases. It is also likely that many corps in the DCI Marketplace will be cashless. There are two cash-to-card kiosks located at Sections 144 and 543 for those who prefer not to use their own cards or who prefer to carry cash. Will there be a Friends of DCI credential this year? This year you will only need your mobile ticket on your smartphone for entry into the stadium. There are no other credentials for Friends of DCI or spectators. Can I leave the stadium and re-enter later? Yes, stadium exit and re-entry are available through the North and West entrances. Upon exit you will receive a wristband from the gatekeepers. Upon re-entry, you will need to show your ticket and wristband to gain re-admittance. Wristbands will be different for each day. Can I go to the parking lot to watch warmup or see my Corps member? No. The parking lot where corps are parked are closed to the general public at the request of the participating organizations and at the advice of public health officials. Special credentials will be required to enter the lot. Only authorized corps personnel and DCI Staff members will have those credentials. Please help keep members and staff safe by respecting this safety zone. Fans will be permitted to visit Military Park to watch corps warmup, but must maintain a minimum distance of 20 feet from all performers and corps personnel. Please observe all posted signs. We truly appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the safety of everyone involved in these DCI Celebration Events! Can I buy tickets at the stadium? Yes, you can by visiting the Lucas Oil Box office at the Southeast corner. Please note that the box office is cashless. You will also need a smartphone to receive your tickets as no paper tickets will be printed. Is there a will call window? No, there is no will call window. All tickets must be purchased and present on your mobile device in order to gain access to the stadium. Will I be able to purchase my 2022 Friends of DCI Membership or secure my place in line for the 2022 Super 3 Ticket package at the stadium as I have in the past? The answer is no and yes. Previous participants in the Friends of DCI and Super 3 Ticket programs will be receiving information soon concerning the 2022 advance ticketing process. All purchases will now be handled online and we will no longer be using paper forms. Access to these programs will be available starting at Noon ET on Thursday, August 12. DCI ticket staff will be available at the box office to assist and answer any questions you may have. --------------------------------------------------------- I hate to have to post this for others as DCI should be posting this information for EVERYONE. Hopefully, it will help others that are not Friends of DCI as this seems to be addressed to.
  3. For some questions - no. But others it will make a big difference. For example, I have no see thru bag in my possession. If needed, I would order something from Amazon before I fly there. Yes, I too, have many mask options - but will not take them ALL with me on a 4 day trip. For people that have sanitizer in the car - it should be replaced as the summer heat makes it ineffective. (Especially here - where it was 119 today.) If I know where the most convenient place to park is located, perhaps I will not have to walk all around the entire stadium. (Yes I have a favorite spot - but my question is - will this still have access?) If I know the schedule, I can plan ahead to possibly know or plan to avoid the bottleneck around the corps sales areas. If I know I can bring a bottle of water, I will not have to throw away items not allowed. If I know I cannot go 8 hours without some sugar (diabetes), I will come prepared with a plan to avoid the crowed concession area. If I know that the Indiana Health Dept. makes the final decisions and DCI has a link to their website - I will feel more informed and comfortable attending the event. Since it is now only 5 business days preceding my flight there, it does not seem too early to plan ahead. So yes it will change how I prepare and plan. And I prefer to come home without covid - while I understand there are no guarantees from DCI or anyone else. Perhaps I am expecting too much - but sadly at this point my backup plan if it appears too unsafe - to go back to the Indy hotel and watch what I can on the Flowmarching stream. I have purchased the tickets so DCI has their money, but they should feel some obligation to make people feel as safe as possible and want to come back another year.
  4. Where is "link to the latest requirements" to which you refer? I found nothing on the DCI site - I did find some general info on the stadium website which is about all the events held at the stadium - but no rules specific to DCI.
  5. It is now only 8 days before I go to Indy - yet DCI has been in a communications blackout regarding the event. I filled out the "Contact Us" from with a series of specific questions, but got a generic letter back with the main idea that fans attend at their own risk. Now this is understandable - but we should be aware of some things before we attend. I called today, but the phone choices were not applicable to my questions - I left a short message for Dan Acheson as he was the only name I remembered when it prompted me for the first 3 letters of a staff name. Below are some of my questions - If anyone knows anything - please respond. 1. What are vaccine requirements? Assuming none - will temperatures be taken at the entrances? 2. Mask requirements? Will reluctant people be reminded? 3. Social Distancing? a) Were tickets sold with an empty seat between parties? b) Limits in number of people in restrooms? c) ALL entrances open so no bunching at 2 doors? d) All corps sales outside to reduce exposure or at least GREATLY spread out around the entire stadium? 4. Will there be enforcement of the stadium rule requiring ticket holders to sit in purchased tickets ONLY (reducing exposure - and no circus of seat-hopping)? 5. ALL or most bathrooms OPEN to reduce exposure. 6. Performance schedule so one can plan ahead to see the corps one desires and reduce a long, extended exposure? I found on the Lucas Oil site that the show starts at 3 pm the first two days and 2 pm the last day - but of course no list of performances. 7. Will the parking lot East of the stadium allow ticket holders to pass thru the staging area on the east side of the stadium or will that be roped off? 8. The Lucas Oil website has some very specific rules on allowing ONLY CLEAR bags of specified sizes - which has not been the case in previous years (or at least not enforced). This year people may need to bring additional supplies such as replacement masks (after 6-8 hours of wearing), hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. It would be nice to know if ONLY the clear bags will be allowed. Needless to say a small snack or water if we don't feel safe to stand in concession lines with 100's of people shoulder to shoulder waiting to get a bottle of water. (Assuming all drinking fountains are disabled.) 9. As someone who tries to avoid retail stores and phone purchases - how will the cashless system work as stated on the Lucas Oil website? 10. This is my first year of being a "Friends of DCI" member. Other years I have noticed that the group got special badges and even perhaps special entrances to the stadium. But with only a few days to go - I have not received any communication about this. 11. Does the "Stadium Authority" or "Indiana Health Department" have any special rules or expectations we need to be aware of? I am assuming they have the FINAL say about many of these questions. I am not a newbie to the event - in fact I have attended in person EVERY year (except 1972 and 1976) - so I am aware of the practices of DCI. But this year they seem to be dropping the ball or sticking their head in the sand and hoping it all goes well. I know it is a big job even in a regular year - but they must let fans know what to expect. Thanks to anyone that can offer some information on these issues.
  6. Can't get on either - getting "internal server error".
  7. I have been looking at the FloMarching website for a few weeks and saw they had a monthly $29.95 option. I was thinking about doing that as a test. But now I see that monthly option has jumped to $49.95. Or are there other sites which offer the lower price?
  8. I wrote on April 10 to RCC and got a reply within two hours as shown below. However still am waiting to hear that they are actually on sale. ================ Hi Jeff, I’ve added you to my contact list to notify as soon as they do go on sale, or as soon as I know the date. I’m in the process of finalizing our paperwork for the show with the college so the tickets can go on sale. I’m not sure of the date at this time. Kurt Kilgus Music Specialist RCC Marching Band Riverside City College (951) 222-8295 www.rccband.org
  9. Everyone with emphatic and definitive judgments on any and all performances. It is amazing all the statements being made just watching on a TV or computer.
  10. I like their show too - but I am finding it amazing all of you can make such clear-cut statements on how the performance was watching it on Fan Network. Perhaps you are sitting in the stands and making these statements - otherwise it really seems like it is just wishful thinking. (just my opinion here before you attack me.)
  11. I am thinking that summer marching bands soon will become a part of or a new division of DCI competitions including championships. As we get fewer and fewer corps - they will be needed to bring in additional revenue. After this happens and much of the original fan base leaves or is aged away - it will morph into a marching competition which will just be a total blending of bands and corps. After all even now any high school band could join the competition with sousaphones, trombones etc - they just have to use their woodwind players to enlarge the percussion and color guard sections. When DCI allows woodwinds there really is no reason whatsoever to make a distinction between bands and drum corps and likely the name drum corps will be totally eliminated so it is more descriptive to what the activity has become. DCI will become MBI (Marching Band International) or something similar. Perhaps not by 2020, but in the not too distant future. It will be characterized as a natural change, progress, and something "for the kids" so as to make any naysayers sound like they just don't get it. Sad, but I think inevitable.
  12. Monday, Aug. 5 – Buffalo, NY Tour of Champions – Eastern New York (Drums Along the Waterfront) Ralph Wilson Stadium Read more: http://www.dci.org/news/view.cfm?news_id=cc607020-a248-4b5f-adf0-2b2ebb1a1670#ixzz2LVQTHiJa Has DCI moved Buffalo to "Eastern" New York? Last time I was there it was in the western part of the state.
  13. I thought when the talking began - it was kinda like the announcer microphone was open accidentally.....then it sounded like a party going on in the background. There he is again.....
  14. Not sure when the broadcast begins....but likely a few minutes before the first corps. The info below is from the Regiment website: http://www.regiment.org/calendar/index.cfm Show: Stanford, CA WhenSaturday, Jun 23, 2012 Description------- Housing Info ------- Arroyo High School 15701 Lorenzo Ave. San Lorenzo, CA 94580 ------- Show Info ------- Stanford Stadium 625 Nelson Road Stanford, CA 94305 6:55 PM Renegades 7:10 PM Blue Devils C 7:25 PM Blue Devils B 7:40 PM Vanguard Cadets 7:55 PM Intermission 8:30 PM Mandarins 8:47 PM Pacific Crest 9:04 PM Boston Crusaders 9:21 PM Blue Knights 9:38 PM Phantom Regiment 9:55 PM Santa Clara Vanguard 10:12 PM Blue Devils Contest Coordinator - Tom Hope Chief Judge - Andrew Cook Color Guard - Kyle Miller GE Music - Jeff Harper GE Visual - Frank Miller Music Analysis - Chuck King Music Brass - Andrew Cook Music Perc. - Jeff Wilson Visual Analysis - Scott Pizani Visual Proficiency - Curtis Costanza
  15. The Phantom Regiment daily Calendar has a listing of judges and captions for each show. Just go to their website, click on the calendar on the upper left. Then on the calendar for a particular show click on the show city heading. A popup then lists the show information including the site address, performance schedule, and judge panel. The upcoming Stanford show lists a full judge panel. This is very convenient location for all this information - don't know about all other corps websites, but it would be nice to have all this info available. http://www.regiment.org/calendar/index.cfm
  16. Perhaps it is listed somewhere - but I have not located the thread. Thanks for any help with this.
  17. I just got this email from DCI regarding my recap inquiry..... ---------------------------------------------------- Thank you for contacting Drum Corps International. We apologize for any inconvenience at the delay. Typically recaps are posted within a few days of the event, however that time can vary due to many factors including contact with the judges, show promoters and our verification team in the office. We are working to post the recap as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience. Sincerely, Jenny DCI.org L1 Drum Corps International
  18. It is the email I get every year from DCI.....I ordered last year about the same time also. (I know it was BEFORE Championships in Indy.) http://www.dci.org/_now/ticket_alerts/20100715_super3.htm
  19. I just ordered the Super 3 package at LOS for August 11 - 13, 2011. Is it naive to think that G7 is dead? I did think it was interesting that DCI did not force the Super "5" on us by selling the Open class tickets with the World Class as they have done for the last several years. Perhaps this is a marketing decision and not related to G7 corps leaving in any way - but perhaps they are saying Open and World class would combine without the G7 corps there. Just speculation of course, but it would allow for some "eliminations" as they progress from Quarterfinals to Semifinals to Finals. Without that someone on here posted that only ONE corps would be eliminated each show....not much of a competition. There was absolutely no mention of the Open class corps tickets in the DCI 2011 information packet.
  20. Wow - this sounds extremely serious - the BOD is falling apart and an executive director either dismissed or about to be dismissed - with the current season about to begin. DCI itself is falling apart it would seem. Do we know exactly who or what corps are left on the board?
  21. Actually I think that DCI and corps will decline so much that bands (with woodwinds) will become a subdivision of the DCI Championships to make it large enough to have shows. When that happens bands will gradually take over the event and drum corps will become the "old" way that will be 2nd class - lower budgets, smaller size, and the best instructors will go to the higher quality bands which will be the highest level performing groups. The high costs of operation and low memberships will force the operation of corps to essentially become bands....some could even be "merged" - band and corps merge to have a competitive unit. We are are well on our way already - it does not matter if we like it or not - finances will force the issue. Although school bands have financial issues too - they still can tap into public funds that corps cannot. The shorter season we are seeing now also is an indicator of dooming financial issues - we are coming very close to the "season" that summer marching bands perform. Having woodwinds in the pre-show just enables a smoother transition.
  22. 1 World Class Quarterfinals ticket. Section 441 Row 6 $55.00 This was purchased as part of the Fantastic 5 Ticket Package. My friend is using only the Friday and Saturday tickets. Please PM me your # - I'll call and arrange to meet up prior to QF at Lucas Oil. Thanks. ================== Ticket is sold.....
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