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    82 Defenders, 83 27th Lancers, 86-88 Bushwackers, 96-98 Bushwackers, 00-04 Brigadiers
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    27th Lancers, Blue Devils, Phantom Regiment, Santa Clara Vanguard, Carolina Crown
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    2013 Carolina Crown
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    1986 - both Blue Devils and Bush won!
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    Trumpet, aviation (I'm a private pilot)

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  1. I'm looking to buy tickets for DCI East in Allentown August 4 and 5. Please PM me if you have any available. Gene
  2. Here's my review from the Blue Devils debut yesterday. Unlike last year, I was generally not impressed. I think the door is wide open for someone else to take the championship this year. First of all, they didn't perform their whole show. At the end of their ballad (which had a pretty lackluster ending), the DM turned around and saluted. This is typical for SCV this time of year, but not BD. If memory serves me correctly, BD has always at least performed their entire program at Family Day, and I've been at every Family Day since 2010. BD also usually has their props substantially complete at this show but I don't think that was the case this year. There were several props on wheels they were pushing around that looked like white metal frames that were no more than 3' tall. No visual contribution whatsoever. I'm guessing these are still a work in progress. They are having few performance issues. Brass, percussion, and guard are all kicking ### as usual. Drum line was missing #3 bass, but I'm guessing this is an illness or injury situation. Other than being behind schedule in getting the show complete and learned, they also have show design issues. Last year I was intrigued by the incredible complexity and coordination of the show. Even though I didn't fully understand the subtleties of the Fellini theme, the show was accessible and enjoyable nonetheless. Not so this year. There was some great music and drill and guard work happening, but they just aren't complimenting each other to the level that I'm used to seeing from BD. The show just didn't flow well in my opinion. In other words, I found the show boring. Granted, the stands were low and I was on the 25 yard line, so I may be all wet, but I watched last year's show from a similar perspective and came away with a vastly different impression. In summary, it seems like this could be a down year for BD (which of course for them means 2nd or 3rd place). So will SCV, Crown, Cadets, or Bluecoats step up to fill the void? We'll see!
  3. Decided to post on a different thread. Moderators please delete.
  4. Does anyone know if the date and location of the 2015 Drum Corps Japan championships has been set?
  5. I have two VIP tickets available for the DCI show in Stanford Saturday 6/22/12. Seats are very good and it includes a BBQ dinner. Selling them for face value ($50.00). If interested, email me at Trumpeter@aol.com
  6. I was absolutely APPALLED when I saw/heard BD using mics for the soloists!! (FYI I didn't see any of the corps that used them last year). For any DRUM & BUGLE CORPS to use microphones to amplify brass soloists is so outrageously LAME it's almost beyond words. It's a "flip of the bird" to the legacy of the activity. Yes, the acoustics of a football stadium are a huge challenge for a primarily acoustic musical ensemble. HELLOOOO??? THAT'S THE POINT OF THE WHOLE ACTIVITY!! It's the surmounting of this challenge with (mostly) acoustic, human powered instruments that is what makes this activity great! What this is, is a total show design COP OUT!. It's a function of lazy designers who want to take short cuts. My opinion - if you can't stage the soloists or balance the rest of the ensemble so that the soloists can be heard, or if you don't have soloists that can project well enough, THEN YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE SOLOISTS!! What's even more appalling is that Blue Devils probably have the best soloists in the activity, and therefore are the least in need for amplification!! How long will it be before we have clip-on wireless microphones on the bell of every player? I thought it would be the legalization of woodwinds that would mark the beginning of my retirement as a DCI spectator. However if amplification continues its invasion into the brass section, I may not wait around for the reeds before I start planning something new for my mid-August vacation.
  7. I have two extra tickets for the DCI West show in Stanford this Saturday. They are in the lower VIP section 113, which is between the 40's. Face value $50. Contact me ASAP if you're interested. trumpeter@aol.com 415-297-7311
  8. Jaybo - I was saddened to hear that Bush won't have you at the helm anymore. You pretty much single-handedly brought Bushwackers back from the brink in 1986 and helped create a legendary drum corps story that I am honored to have been a part of. I certainly have some appreciation of the incredible headaches and heartache (and expense) you have endured to keep the Bushwackers not only alive, but competitive and innovative for all these years. I only hope there isn't some health issue that has prompted this decision. Best of luck in this new phase of your life! Gene Boyle
  9. If you want to get really technical about how different parameters of mouthpiece design affect your playing, the GR Mouthpieces web site is the best I've found. Look for the menu link for "Mouthpiece Tutorial" and go through each of the sub-menu topics. Just a warning - if you are not an experienced player or a technically minded person it may be a bit overwhelming. Gene
  10. I have two sets of Super 3 ticket sets for sale for the 2011 DCI Championships. Each set of tickets includes a ticket for the same seat at Prelims, Semifinals, and Finals. The seats are Section 338, Row 3, Seats 16 & 17. I'm selling them for face value of $255 per set plus actual shipping cost (actual amount TBD). These are GREAT seats, as you can see from the photo below. These are much better seats than you can get from DCI right now. I have scans of the tickets available for anyone who requests them. Please Email me if interested. Here is the view from these seats:
  11. While its Museum of Art is under renovation for the next 2 years, the City of Dijon is loaning its Medieval collection to 7 museums across the United States. This tour starts in New York City at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on 5th Avenue. The opening event, March 2, 2010, will be brought in with fanfare and panache and will receive large press coverage… The City of Dijon would like to have the largest number of brass and percussion players possible to “parade” from the French Consulate’s cultural center on 5th Avenue to the Met museum (a few blocks). The musicians will be organized in two separate bands, one representing Dijon playing medieval music and the other representing NY performing “Broadway” music: a friendly “Battle of the Bands”. The two bands will merge as one big ensemble once on the steps of the museum. Thierry Caens, trumpet player extraordinaire from Dijon and teacher at the Lyon National Conservatory, will be the Music Director for this event and has composed a special piece for the “merge” of the bands. Also involved in organizing the bands is Dominic Derasse, veteran Broadway and Movie/TV score lead trumpeter. As of this writing, The Juilliard and Manhattan Schools through Mark Gould, Mannes College, through Raymond Riccomini and the Brooklyn College’s Conservatory, through Douglas Hedwig are on board. We also would like to include as many players with drum corps or marching band experience as possible. Instrumentation required is: Trumpet, Trombone, F Mellophone, Tuba, Snare, Bass drum. Each participant in this event will be required to attend a rehearsal between 1-4pm on the day of the event. Location TBD. Dinner will be provided after the rehearsal. The event for the bands will start at 5:30 and end at 6:30pm. In exchange for participating, each musician will receive a Jacket with the "Must Art" exhibit log as well as a generous “goody bag” containing items from the Dijon area of France. The value of the items in the goodie bag are expected to be in excess of $100. Participants should be prepared for possible cold weather and wear black bottoms with the “Must Art” jacket provided. Also be prepared with Lyre for holding the music. I need names, instrument played, email addresses, phone numbers, coat sizes from all participants by the end of January 2010. The City of Dijon will need the full 4 weeks to order the jackets and make all other arrangements. Please email me at trumpeter@aol.com if interested.
  12. I need a total of 4 Allentown tickets for Saturday night only. Premium seats section H or I preferred. I'm willing to buy a pair at a time if that's all you have. Gene Boyle trumpeter@aol.com Defenders 82 27th Lancers 83 Bushwackers 86-88, 96-98 Brigadiers 00-04
  13. For Sale - Tickets for DCI Quarters, Semis, and Finals in Pasadena. Two tickets per show. Tickets are in the "Friends of DCI" section, some of the best seats in the house! Specifically the seats are in Section 19, Row 47, Seats 11 & 12. Images of the tickets are available on request. Asking for face value ($500) for the set. Please e-mail trumpeter@aol.com
  14. For Sale - Tickets for DCI Quarters, Semis, and Finals in Pasadena. Two tickets per show. Tickets are in the "Friends of DCI" section, and are high enough for great visual! Specifically the seats are in Section 19, Row 47, Seats 11 & 12. Images of the tickets are available on request. Asking for face value ($500) for the set. Please e-mail trumpeter@aol.com
  15. For Sale - Tickets for DCI Quarters, Semis, and Finals in Pasadena. Two tickets per show. Tickets are in the "Friends of DCI" section, and are high enough for great visual! Specifically the seats are in Section 19, Row 47, Seats 11 & 12. Images of the tickets are available on request. Asking for face value ($500) for the set. Please e-mail trumpeter@aol.com
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