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  1. Definitely. If you go 55, you probably want to go 70-75. It all depends on how long your tour is and such. Packed in like sardines is more palatable on a short tour.
  2. If you go 57, let’s say, you need a second bus which greatly increases your transportation costs. Most buses hold 55 passengers.
  3. That would work too. I want to buy a contra (I play electric bass), not that it would be great for a blues / classic rock gig. Just to play and maybe do brass caroling during Christmas. But $9k....
  4. When I think of Phantom, I think of euphoniums and that makes me happy. Whatever they do, I'll probably enjoy it.
  5. I probably have you beat - 400kt nuclear warheads. Heh.
  6. I have veterans guilt because I didn’t do time in the sand. So, I don’t do the free stuff. But I do take the veterans parking spot at Harris Teeter ( grocery store chain)
  7. But from their 990 filings, the biggest component *is* USBands. It would be wiser to spin off The Cadets that operates deep in the red.
  8. Ouch! Their band program floats the Cadets, if it suffers, The Cadets have to charge roughly double or scale the program way back.
  9. I heard there will be an announcement sometime before next season.
  10. Is maintaining the bugles really costing more than purchasing new instruments? I think my old high school (graduated in '86) is still playing the god awful Getzen F trumpets we had back then and high schoolers are babying things a lot less than professional musician Marines. And with aircraft carriers costing $13 billion, I really don't think purchasing new instruments or annual maintenance costs will cause a second glance.
  11. Enough people on the board really do have inside info, but most of them keep it to themselves. I hope it's something good, I'd even settle for indifferent.