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  1. Likely, but does Flo pay the venues for the right to broadcast the performances. Based on the price, I doubt it’s much. If butts aren’t in seats, cancelation becomes more likely. Flo seems to have issues with normal levels of traffic.
  2. One key difference is that there is a vaccine for most strands of the flu.
  3. “Also” the key word meaning in addition to. Tuition doesn’t cover their costs, but the corps don’t play for free.
  4. But they also perform at paid events that bring in revenue for the corps while "working" for free.
  5. 60+ attend shows and people like bus drivers tend to skew older. It's not just what's on the field. But 30-40 groups of 150 "kids" traveling all across the United States could help spread the virus more quickly. I'm not calling for the end of the 2020 season, but there certainly is a risk to it.
  6. It's unlikely that they'll wait until the last minute to make a call. The Bond film was delayed due to Covid-19, DCI can't really delay a season so the only options will be to hold the event or to cancel the event. I don't think corps will be impacted much, but attendance at events could be severely limited. There always seems to be a large number of 60+ at DCI events.
  7. Predicting that we'll see precautionary cancelations of shows - partially to prevent spread of coronavirus, partially to avoid a financial loss due to a possible empty stadium.
  8. I remember being asked to take the test to the office to be copied. YES!!!!! Edit: TIL - it was a mix of methanol and isopropanol. Also, it was "spirit duplicator" or "ditto machine". Mimeograph was a competing process that used a forced wax stencil.
  9. And then your rates go up next year after filing a claim, but the football organization is still unhappy and they are football fields, not marching band fields so their voices will be heard more loudly.
  10. The IRS is way understaffed, they'll never take a first or second look at a drum corps that operates on a $40-50k annual budget. Nothing nefarious here, they just cut a trip to lower their costs to the marching members.
  11. When the symptoms are mild to death, it's likely that we're undercounting cases of coronavirus as the mild symptoms will ignore it and take some tylenol. But they can also pass on the virus to others that will develop worse symptoms.
  12. Everything should be done for profit? Then there would be no members in the corps. Work all weekend, no pay, and you have to pay for right to do it.
  13. Why buy now when you can buy day of and skip if the weather is bad?