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  1. Maryland mandated that the school year cannot start until after Labor Day, a gift from the governor to Ocean City - another week of hotel / rentals for them in the season.
  2. "Artistic Differences" was the name of my last band. In retrospect, not the world's best idea unless you love foreshadowing.
  3. Can they raise the maximum membership limit much higher? The field is looking cluttered at the current level.
  4. Good to know, but I think the ship has sailed for me. Maybe some low commit - brass caroling around Christmas.
  5. Drum Corps International EIN - 36-2754480 Charity Navigator has their 2017 990, but not their 2018 filing
  6. Add in transportation on both ends and needing a place to stay. I looked at the Bucs a few year ago and decided that I liked my "life".
  7. Well, when looking at the tickets for the Big Live and Loud semi finals at my local theater, with reserved seating, there were only 6 seats taken. The market isn't there I could get more views doing an unboxing video of a popular video card.
  8. Nike pays to get the NFL jersey contract, because butts in the stand want to wear the same thing and will pay $150 for a jersey. I'm not going to wear a SCV uniform or any other uniform ever. As far as bidding out food supplies, you could try that, but you're effectively 22 taco trucks and 24 smaller taco trucks that are only in operation for a few months out of the year. You will not get much better pricing than at Costco, but it's probably worth a shot. Purchasing would be centralized (and billing). I would not want to be responsible for paying the bill and collecting funds from the 46 corps to cover the bill. I think that part would kill any group purchases.
  9. The fans continue to come. I would not want fan appreciation to be a point category. That gives an unfair advantage to whichever corps is closest and has the biggest following for that show. It would also encourage everyone to sit on their hand when their favorite show isn't playing. I would like to see shows written for the crowds instead of the judges, but I don't see any way to do that unless you go into the season realizing that you're going to be shooting for a 10-12 placement.
  10. In doing trip planning for the band, our charter buses were 55 seats. So we always tried to fill that last bus, but not need another. Going to 56 students on the last bus means needing another bus and kills the budget. The key to stuffing the last bus to capacity - early chaperone signups and taking as may as we could fit. Chaperones had to pay park entrance and bus cost as well. But by managing the final bus capacity, we were able to set a lower price than the previous years and make a small profit for the organization.
  11. I was also shocked to see how few corps remain. I would put the five year survival odds at slim. The remaining senior corps will just do parades and local stuff.
  12. I don't think it's true for me either, rather a fork in the road. 2018 "Babylon" was my 100% perfection show, so I'm not trying to live in the past of the 80's or 90's.
  13. Is it ok that I didn't see much that I liked this year? Just hit 50, maybe that's the point where you're set in your ways?
  14. If DCI becomes like WGI, it's because the market and fans like it. Not this particular fan, but I also realize that I'm a sample size of one and I'm fine with hitting concerts instead of DCI shows.