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  1. Highly doubt it. The video from the Cadets performance looks like garbage by today’s standards and is irrelevant to the story. I doubt there will be much more than 60 seconds total of athlete video and that will be mostly to establish that’s it’s the Olympics.
  2. Of course they know what the issues are. Ok, what am I permitted to talk about? I’ll stay within your list.
  3. Aren’t most drum corps fans pulling for their survival? That doesn’t mean it stops them from pointing out things that don’t look good or are troublesome. For the next couple years, signing the contract is at your own risk. There are financial factors at play that can’t be ignored. I care, but not enough to break out the checkbook. My donation won’t save them anyways.
  4. Won't that run into tax issues? When you donate to a non-profit, you can deduct the donation minus whatever gift you receive, like a t-shirt valued at $30. So if you buy a vote for $500, isn't the value of the vote $500 and then you can't deduct that donation? On a side note since a lot more people are no longer able to itemize, has that impacted drum corps donations?
  5. It will be interesting to see if anyone qualifies.
  6. I'm a sucker for the Salute to Service NFL jerseys.
  7. It's the den mother holding the iPhone with the Square reader so you can't say that you don't have any cash that you have to watch out for. From what I've heard, they probably pay more in processing fees than they actually make from the cookies.
  8. My prognosis for the organization is negative, but my heart really wants them to do well and thrive. It’s unfair that the people involved now are haunted by the sins of the past, but that is reality. Just like in pro sports, winning atones for just about all evils except hurting puppies or taking a knee. If they can do well over the next few seasons, the Hop years will be forgotten. Mostly.
  9. “May” because I can’t quantify the amount they contributed. I don’t think he would have turned into the good Christmas Elf if he had shop set up in a convent.
  10. There was a culture that may have enabled him, but that’s 10% of the blame versus Hop’s 90% (allegedly).
  11. I'm a little late.... Crown will have electric bass!! Yay!!
  12. I just heard something awesome!! Just wanted to announce that.
  13. If awesome things happen and nobody knows, then they didn’t happen.
  14. Cadets can use all the positive PR they can get.
  15. Doesn't seem to be any interest in "band" in Maryland. I'd move to Florida, liability laws are probably more lenient there.
  16. Are flubs more of a regional thing? I've never seen them in the PA / MD area, then again the drumlines are smaller and have no real need of an "intern" type of instrument. The big chore is filling the line. The closest I've seen is Pittsburgh Steelers' Steeline marches 3-4 "boom drums", which are flat bass drums with no bottom heads.
  17. "Going away" was too extreme. At risk, is probably not inaccurate. Every corps will die at some point.
  18. Another unknown are the details of the settlement with Hopkins
  19. Yes. But I think USB has a bit more of a life to it than bingo. Money is reality, if The Cadets can’t balance their cost / revenue and USB goes away, The Cadets go away.
  20. But hasn’t the Cadets portion of the organization been in the red historically while USBands has turned a nice profit? For YEA it would make more sense to drop the Cadets and focus on band competitions and festivals.
  21. Right, the 2021-released 990 will be telling. I was thinking the Hopkins stuff started in 2017. May not need to wait that long though. One side effect of releasing staff is that someone tends to talk.
  22. Their 990 should come out in March or so of 2020. If USBands income has dropped as much as rumored, it won’t be pretty.
  23. No offense to tenors, but i hate how high pitched they are. I greatly approve of any voicing experiments.