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  1. 25k-30k viewers? That's nothing. Look at what YouTube gets from videos of kids playing with toys or someone unboxing a new camera. The economics just aren't there.
  2. I thought for sure when I saw the poles that the ending would have the mellophones climbing the poles and doing a suspended thing like last year, but in three dimensions. Has anything changed with the ending over the past several weeks? It seemed like a placeholder for something big yet to come.
  3. For every old timer leaving, there seems to be 1.2 or so new people joining the activity. (I’d have to go find stats again, but I believe that’s ballpark accurate) Personally I get more enjoyment seeing Jason Aldean or Jason Isbell in concert than a DCI event. DCI events are playing to the judges, concerts play for the fans. I think that’s preventing wider growth and always will. But then again, you can only sell tickets in maybe a third of a stadium and half of those aren’t considered good. So there’s a fundamental limit on how big DCI can get.
  4. Every time I've seen something that I thought would kill off DCI, it adapts and overcomes one way or another. I thought higher gas prices would kill it, but tour travel is even longer. The expense of PA systems, will definitely kill it. Nope, more mics and higher end boards every year. And that stuff isn't cheap. Thought for sure the name that shall not be mentioned thing at the Cadets would kill them. Nope. Younger corps sputter out of the gates and die off, but the established corps have thousands of people they can hit up for funds. Some of them are well off. I don't think this will kill of
  5. Guaranteed that there is a email thread circulating among their board right now.
  6. That was directed specifically at you, but it's also applicable to the Cavalier crew at this point.
  7. Institutional discrimination is better than a one time discrimination? Victim much? Anyways, I'm done. Wish you good luck in life and hope you never have a daughter or granddaughter.
  8. Again, I agree that they shouldn't have had that policy. I can't change what happened in the past, how do we make sure it doesn't happen in the future? The best way that I can see is making the last remaining corps that excludes women co-ed so that no other precedence exists for an all female guard.
  9. I agree that the guard for those years should be co-ed. For the male that could no longer march because a female beat him out in auditions, I'd tell him to practice.
  10. But it does shine the spotlight on them whether it's warranted or not. The time has come to not exclude women, well, it's been time for a long time.
  11. Not at all, but I don't view the past shows with some nostalgia vision. I probably only enjoy a quarter of the shows today, but the ones that I enjoy, I enjoy far more than most past shows. I have no idea who is performing if someone didn't tell me and it was the first time I saw a show, but that's up to the corps. I think a visual identity would be a plus, but some of the uniforms/costumes are cool. Troopers seem the most extreme of a change. But whatever, progress will continue to progress.
  12. I wasn't trying to pit decade versus decade, more of discussion of the technical side of what would a modern show score under the rules of (I picked) 1989?
  13. I may not always like it, but what happens on the field today is nothing short of amazing.
  14. I agree that the talent is incredible today, but I don't want to p-ss off the old timers by saying that. I was kinda thinking more about rules then versus rules now. Would there be enough ticks so that say, 2018 SCV, would end up in the 50s?
  15. I just picked a date in the past, no particular reason, but just a round 30 years. Of course there would be many infractions for things now allowed that were previously prohibited and everyone would have a stroke over the synths. But would they do ok or end up in last place?
  17. After I read the OP last night and went to bed I was thinking more about this, probably should have slept instead. Did the show have a story? I don't think so, it was more of an emotion throughout and seemed to tap the subconscious more than shows that shows that play a ballad and have two people dancing and they make a heart, awww, they're in love, something bad happens, etc, etc, etc. Everything about the show was choreographed perfectly. I normally would have hated the Thriller dance, but in this context, it fit well and provided contrast for what happened before and what happens after. 201
  18. Effectively a death sentence? I would suspect their financials are not stellar.
  19. I get goosebumps just humming small bits of the show. If getting a BM would lobotamize that portion of my brain, I’m glad I went with IT.
  20. I don't know if SCV rocked or sucked by whatever metric is used, but it's the first corps show I've thoroughly enjoyed in a long time. The ballad is just perfect, perfect, perfect. If they're "WGI" and that's the direction, I'm cool with that. And I'm old.
  21. I think you're reading too much into what I was saying and want to be offended. Completely speaking about the pros and cons of the area I live in should they decide to move. That decision is completely out of my hands. Should they decide to move, I simply wouldn't recommend moving to the DC Metro area. Businesses move all the time and yes, it sucks for all involved.