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  1. I still don't get the point. I thought it was a supportive statement from Yamaha, the URL looked legit enough. But I will predict that this is the last year that Yamaha has a relationship with The Cadets - and not because they want to end the relationship next season. I don't think there will be a next season. Yea has ballpark of $1.6 million in assets and $1.2 million in liabilities. A net $400k isn't going to cover the lawsuits and I don't think a "Help cover a sexual predator (alleged) fees" is going to be a very popular GoFundMe page. Seriously, it will take a miracle to pull this plane out of a nose dive. I really hope I'm wrong.
  2. Corps have folded due to increases in diesel fuel. I just don't see them surviving this.
  3. You're quite the trickster. Yeah, clicking a link, nobody does that on the internet.
  4. Unfortunately, I don't think they will care. Balance a marching band competition against association with an organization headed by an alleged sexual predator. Your future as principal / superintendent is on the line. Now make a decision.
  5. The page was deleted from Yamaha's site. (May have been previously reported.)
  6. I don't, I was just trying to come up with something that wouldn't be a popularity contest driven by the home field advantaged crowd. An exhaustive ballot is my best idea, but it would take too long.
  7. Sorry, that was suppsoed to be sarcasm. The Internet really needs a sarcasm font. ;-) I guess the best thing to do is to not care about the scores. Be entertained when you're entertained.
  8. I like the idea of entertainment being part of the score, but I can't come up with any objective way to judge it. Have a judge not watch the show and only watch the crowds? Hey, they look like they're having fun. 17.85. The only real way to judge entertainment value is with fans buying or not buying tickets. If they find DCI entertaining, they will continue to purchase tickets.
  9. I hand out water at the parades or play trumpet/mellophone - no way I'm trying to do the silly cart / PA thing. At the games I have a big speaker and PA support. I try to play the low sub notes underneath the sousas to make them sound bigger rather than trying to play over them.
  10. You're right, "pit only" would make sense as the next step and be a much easier sell than on field. I don't know why I even feel so strongly about it. I play electric bass for the Baltimore Ravens Marching Band. Talk about a hypocrite.
  11. Is it really the sousaphones, french horns or trombones? I don't think so, it's that they're the last buffer between woodwinds being on the field. As much as I hate it, they're coming too. With this rule change, the inevitable is just that much closer. Five years, max?
  12. Just a guy that sits in the stands and buys t-shirts here. Never marched a corps. I used to tell people about drum corps and inevitably they would say, "You mean marching band?" Then I'd explain how it's unique with a wall of brass and drums. Now it's just no woodwinds, except for the nonjudged intro. Now I guess I tell them that it's kinda like marching band but you don't really get what the show is about and if you really don't understand it, it probably scores higher. (Just a little bit of sarcasm.) Basically, I'm less interested in going to shows with this change, maybe even more so than amplified instruments. If woodwinds ever are introduced, or when they're introduced, I'm completely done. Keep your identity!!!
  13. Good to know. That was always my impression.
  14. Last night was my first DCA event. Was sad to learn that it was Empire's last performance, but I was thankful to have been able to witness it. It was a great performance. Talk about going out with a bang!
  15. Of course not, I just think it was a great way to turn it up a notch and it didn't cost a single dime. A social media rally cry, if you will. Previously I was most impressed with Surf's thunder stick gimmick. #standupforcrown wins with simplicity, instant delivery and cost effectiveness.
  16. IMHO, when they posted 16 characters on Twitter / Facebook - #standupforcrown. Of course they worked hard, had a great show all year, etc. But the additional crowd reaction created by the effective use of social media to increase the crowd response pushed their GE score up a notch or two and secured the victory. To whomever decided to post #standupforcrown on Crown's Facebook/Twitter - brilliant.
  17. Very true. Have done a fair amount of interviewing over the past few years and you can quickly tell which candidates are along for the ride and which contribute significantly. Within reason, don't be afraid to highlight your individual contributions.
  18. It would definitely look good on the entrance application, but unless the reviewers know what drum corps is it would be about the same as listing "marching band" on your application. You would likely get a higher return on effort and cost with other activities that more closely align with your major. Definitely do drum corps, but work on that GPA / SAT score. My daughter (and I) play for the Baltimore Ravens Marching Band. Yeah, I know it's not drum corps, we're not trying to be drum corps. Anyways, they started paying band members for practice and performance time this year and now she can list "employed by Baltimore Ravens" on her experience. Ironically, that probably gets her more "points" than marching in a world champion drum corps. The problem is that most people don't know what drum corps is and like in politics, when you're explaining, you're losing.
  19. I really like it. Elegant and tough at the same time.
  20. There was an email that went out a few days ago that the Cadets were looking to fill five spots dues to injuries. They listed the cost at between $2,700 and $3,000.
  21. Of course the whole economic downturn had nothing to do with it. Actually, maybe synths are to blame for the economic downturn.
  22. I did not know that. Now I'll have to look for a senior corps that needs electric bass for next season. Cool! EDIT: Nevermind, I found the rule and it's only mallets. I was wondering if hell really did freeze over.
  23. As much as I dislike Blue Devils, well more like baffled by their placement I don't really hate them, I'd easily pay $100 to sit in the center of their brass warm ups. I get goosebumps from the YouTube videos.
  24. I salute you. I tried something much less ambitious, starting a small Christmas brass ensemble to do some brass caroling. I failed miserably. Tried to get things started on Craigslist and didn't get a nibble of interest.