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  1. I’m envisioning YEA saying that they have no money and his lawyers saying that you spun off YEA assets to shield them from YEA’s debt. The Cadets and all the assets were listed as YEA property in their 990s, so hopefully they did some legal tactics to eliminate that scenario.
  2. Charges may have been dropped, but video existed and civil action is different than a criminal trial. I guess stranger things have happened. Wernher von Braun went from V2 rockets to strategic positions at NASA, but he had unique skills.
  3. Where they are geographically centered versus where they are not. Meaning if you live in Alabama and want to march Cadets, you expect to make some trips / flights to PA. If you live in West Chester, you probably aren't expecting to make a trip to Texas or Florida. I thought this camps were more of a regional recruitment effort.
  4. They would require all brass members to travel to Florida? That can’t be right.
  5. Haters / doom gloom / fan bois / praise and adoration / head in the sand. It's just opinions, no need to label everything.
  6. I thought there was ~ 1500 on his new page, new as in after the allegations came out. Surprised at that.
  7. This! Even if they say 100% of donations go to The Cadets do they pull the routine where the $100 goes to the Cadets and then YEA reduces the amount that it give to The Cadets by $100. That happen a lot with star lotteries which claim that the proceeds goes to education or whatever and technically it does, but there isn't a net increase and the other programs that get the money are the real winners.
  8. Cadets are great, but do you really think it’s smooth sailing from here on?
  9. With cheap airfare and instantaneous global communication, roots and history really are just that - roots and history.
  10. Seemed like a good idea in theory. If it worked, if not it would be more costly.
  11. It would make sense that someone said earlier that the instruments were on "loan". Food truck and equipment truck could be an issue, but I think those are the biggies. Didn't the Cadets run a bus company, Cadets Coach or something like that? There was mention of it in a 990 but I couldn't find anything else on it. Possibly a way to get cheaper transportation costs by owning the buses and doing tour groups during the off season. I couldn't find anything else after searching.
  12. I was wondering that too, but I don't want to be negative. I'm sure they have good legal advice, but if the assets of YEA were siphoned off to Cadets and USBands before YEA files for bankruptcy, I can't see the creditors sitting around saying, "Well nothing left of value, we'll just cut our losses."
  13. My prediction, which i can say now because it wrong and I won’t be starting a rumor, was that they would administratively merge with The Crossmen and share administrative overhead.
  14. This is a complete tangent, connected only by "Icelandic music", but well worth a listen.
  15. The individual teams wouldn’t have to take care of performance rights, that’s up to the venue. Now, if the performance is recorded or streamed, those are other licensing rights.
  16. It’s just a teaser to get people talking, speculating, buzz, etc.
  17. Post 9-11 it's getting more difficult to obtain fake IDs to pose as 21.
  18. Not sure if serious or making an April Fools joke....
  19. The profit from USBands was very nice for the Cadets. I’m not a Hop fan, but that was a good move if he started it.
  20. "Liberal BS" doesn't sound like criticism? Come on.
  21. Blame the liberal comes from another playbook.