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  1. They can propose anything, but they should be given a budget to work with.
  2. OMG! Are you a hacker?? GeoIP lookup is mad skillz. My address is: Redacted
  3. It passed caucus, but not the official vote. No woodwinds for at least two more years.
  4. I'm not pro- woodwinds, just don't think it would be the end of the world because WC corps wouldn't march a WW line, but it could help smaller OC corps.
  5. Where else will people tell everyone that they're not spending money on drum corps?
  6. Just something didn’t convey in the text of your original comment. Maybe if I heard inflection if it were spoken, I would have gotten it. Maybe I agree, maybe I disagree. I truly just didn’t understand the background or intent of the comment. So then I had to guess That’s it. Truce.
  7. Not sure apples and oranges, maybe fuji apples and granny smith at best. (I think those are two different color apples, please substitute if not.) I'm just not sure that the sound will change much if at all.
  8. Most donations are to individual corps. Will people withhold support to their corps of choice because of a DCI run allowing all instruments? I'm sure some will, but I guess I'd have to ask if you were supporting the corps and the kids or trying to remain influential?
  9. There are so many other ways to make a lot more money. Maybe to eek out a living while staying alive in their field that was fun in high school and college?
  10. I would prefer all brass, but I think it will be fine with woodwind - maybe even something new and interesting. Drum corps and "band" has been merging all along.
  11. Fun how a few weeks ago someone posts a Vandegrift HS video and we think its great, but if DCI adds woodwinds, it will suck. The lowest scoring will be better than Vandegrift. DCI is good because they commit more than a year to producing 11-12 minutes of intense choreography.
  12. Sometimes this is like watching an argument at a comic book convention where Teenage mutant Ninja Turtle comic books are declared stupid, but Superman comic books are the bomb.
  13. For a couple years. They'll go WW too eventually.
  14. I think all instruments will pass and woodwinds will be used, but sparingly. If they expand membership to 200, then there might be dedicated woodwinds sections, but at current levels, WC would take a hit on overall sound by marching woodwinds. OC groups could benefit from extra bodies on the field by marching woodwinds.
  15. Congrats to you and your son! Enjoy the season!!
  16. Yes, plugged in instruments on the sidelines is ok. No idea what year that was added. I am partial to the electric bass.
  17. I'm read-only on reddit, that place can be harsh. "I like puppies" turns into nazi sympathizing.
  18. Play the martyr card if you wish, I'm with you on most of your posts but thought it was a little weak using Neil as a weapon against woodwinds. All Instruments are the beliefs of other that they're being true to. I understand why people don't want all instruments, but I really don't think it will be the end of the genre. I think the genre already died. Troopers in pajamas was my wake up call that things have changed.
  19. Come on. You can't use Neil Peart as a prop to support a woodwinds / no woodwinds platform. Neil revolutionized drumming, definitely strayed from the status quo.