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  1. I tried to find woodwinds clamoring for inclusion in DCI, but I can't find any. Do you know what else I can' find other than here on DCP? People opposed to the idea. If it happens, not much will change for the vast majority. If it happens, not much will change for the vast majority.
  2. Weren’t those tickets on the secondary market? The ‘skins already got their money but season ticket holders couldn’t dump their tickets. If enough PSL owners don’t renew, the he’ll feel the pinch.
  3. I would watch what the Blue Devils do the first year. They will utilize WW to maximize their score and then everyone else will do the same the following year. I'm not BD hating, they're kinda like the Patriots and know how to win. Except this year, sorry Brady, not sorry.
  4. Not against the cap, but can be used for the 55 member minimum.
  5. I thought your comment was easy to understand. Sometimes proposals are meant to put ideas to rest. Raise your hand, go on the record if you want woodwinds. I guess you can always vote "Present".
  6. I used to care until I realized that they're wearing pajamas, dancing and emoting from one formation to the next and jumping on boxes. There are very few shows that I enjoy now, so a clarinet isn't going to change that opinion much either way. Maybe it's an opportunity for a daring corps to go old school. They won't win, but being showered with donations is better than a medal.
  7. No, and I don't feel the same about bananas. Just my opinion that compiling a pitchfork list is a little creepy, but that's me.
  8. You’re hung up on technicalities. The proposal is real and will be voted on this weekend. July 2020 - WW members are told to pack and go home. A DCP analysis has made the all instrument rule invalid.
  9. He actually didn't do bad on the oboe. And he made the tuba look like a baritone.
  10. That's awesome. Now the compensating euphonium doesn't seem so expensive. Maybe I should.....
  11. I don't understand the great horn conspiracy.
  12. I think you’re just arguing with shadows at this point.
  13. You think the directors haven’t discussed it? They’re going to show up this weekend and hear about WW for the first time? It’s why the proposal is brief.
  14. On the YEA store, they’re selling Xeno trumpets that they said they received in April 2019.
  15. Who says WW can't be entertaining? I give you Shaq on oboe.
  16. Depending on debt carried, they were previously heavily subsidized by YEA / USB.
  17. Right. 2018 should be at least an indication of where things are headed. The last partial filing to rearrange the fiscal year seemed almost as a means of painting a better short term picture.
  18. Their upcoming 990 should be interesting, but it won't be out for a few months. You can see where previous legal fees come from, looks like everything is revenue for YEA and distributed where needed. Please keep in mind that I'm not a CPA, so maybe I'm misreading the filing but if the decreased revenue from bands is accurate and the settlement is anywhere close to what Hopkins was asking for, my outlook is gloomy.
  19. I'm sure some do, I just don't know what the percentage is.
  20. This assumes that those trying out for WC and failing will want to march OC. Re: trickle down economics.