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  1. Non profits certainly can buy and sell assets.
  2. As long as those writing out $4,500 / $5,000 checks have the full story, it's all cool.
  3. The problem is that everyone knows that “something” is going to be announced. The Cadets are being quiet about it, so speculation ensues. We could be good church mice and not talk about it, but that never happens now or before the internet. We’re just more efficient now.
  4. Because they're still finalizing things which does have a bit of a risk to it, deals do fall through at the last minute. Any other party / parties involved may want to wait for timing on an announcement as well. I think it will be something positive, if the corps were folding, that would have been leaked. I have a prediction based on zero information and just predicting likely outcomes.
  5. Typed a long post and decided that it's out of my hands anyways, I'll just say good luck.
  6. I don't think it's as simple as having a different EIN. YEA filed their 990 with EIN 22-2052456 and listed Cadets revenue and expenses. They may be a program of YEA, but they are very much YEA.
  7. That would require a strict interpretation of the rules and a desire to punish The Cadets. Not impossible, but unlikely.
  8. Surely they would have competent legal advice.
  9. 48 hours does seem like an eternity now.
  10. Most likely the announcement in the positive requires some actions not yet completed in a legal sense.
  11. At University of Maryland? I think that was 2000, my only finals also. I really only remember a former Marine.couple behind us that stood at attention during the Commandants Own show. My daughter was really young and I was trying to keep her entertained. .
  12. It matters as a legal technicality, whether you go to civil court or criminal court depending on the offense. Both grotesque, yes.
  13. I always thought fuel costs would eventually kill or greatly restrain drum corps. But the tours are now longer. So much for my crystal ball.
  14. Gotcha. I would have thought east coast would be easier to find housing as it has a higher population density.
  15. I assume that’s almost always the case. I’m sure that on some stops the corps gets a sweetheart deal, other times it’s more of a business transaction. As I wish younger me would have known, networking is probably the most important skill you can have.
  16. I are up in Central PA and people knew how to drive in snow, granted there was far less traffic. Moved to Columbia, MD and I stay off the roads if there is snow or ice. Have seen too many idiots that think SUV equals impervious to ice.
  17. Probably nothing concrete yet. The problem is that it's too small of a community for things to not get out. In the absence of official statements, rumors thrive.
  18. Yes. They still have the Cadets name which is certainly tarnished a bit but still strong. But $5k in tour fees ($4.5k if paid early, I think) would probably give some pause. I don't know how to quantify that impact. Personally, I'd wait until the last minute to sign a contract. Hopefully they're being upfront with potential members and it's not a case of "surprise, we're OC this year". That's worst case and people will feel ripped off. Parents especially after writing a big check. Sure, it's not always the parent paying, but you know what I mean.
  19. If their income is limited, that would be a blessing.
  20. The elephant in the room is that, unless I'm reading the 990's wrong and I'm not a CPA, YEA! appears to have been floating The Cadets. So they do make a clean break from YEA!, they need a sugar daddy/mama to field anything but a skeleton show. It will be painful and possibly lethal, but they need to make the break. If I'm thinking "nah" about making my small donations because I don't want the money to go directly or indirectly to the Hopkins settlement fund, I'm sure the big donors are thinking the same thing. Really hope they survive and thrive, but it's not going to be easy.
  21. It doesn't have to be one reason and no others. Generally, it's many reasons to varying degrees.
  22. I think people still want to hear the natural or mostly natural brass sound even if it has some bass reinforcement from the PA. Regardless, I think there is zero chance of the voting members agreeing to a 100 member limit. Each year there are around 3000 marching members. I'm not sure what the stats are, but my guess would be that half march one year, a quarter two years and a quarter three or more years. It's expensive and college ain't cheap either. Why aren't these people sticking with the events en masse? If they aren't interested enough to pay to see drum corps, there is little chance in