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  1. The snag comes that you're assuming that the same number of tickets will be sold to see a 100 member corps as a 154 member corps. OC vs WC attendance seems to point to that not being the case. If an individual corps is making their finances work, spend away. EDIT: I agree with the above comment that the mindset needs to change. On initial thought, something like a budget cap seems fair similar to a salary cap for football, but then there are the nuances of higher costs in California versus Wyoming and some corps need to travel farther than other corps, etc, etc.
  2. How would decreasing costs increase revenue? It may improve profitability, although I'm not sure what "profit" really means in drum corps. Seems like "profit" simply means "Oh goody, more money to spend next season!"
  3. If attendance is down, then that needs to be addressed. Personally, I think the key lies in making shows more enjoyable to the butts in the seats rather than the guys and gals wearing the polos carrying the clipboards / iPads. I think it would be good to have more corps rather than fewer, but if you're depending on revenue from the new corps' family and friends, you're basically spreading more money, but individual corps get about the same as they're now earning.
  4. For more corps and more events to equal more revenue, there would need to be more fans or existing fans would have to go to additional shows during the season. increasing supply would not necessarily create more demand.
  5. I agree with smaller stadiums. The snag is almost always housing.
  6. Yeah, I guess concerts would have similar seating as an indoor DCI event. Would people pay Jason Aldean money for DCI?
  7. This is the only NBA contract I could find. The NBA teams will be given sweetheart deals and should be mostly even across teams as they want to keep their teams. Thunder pays $40k / game for the stadium and other costs listed. I'm not sure DCI would get as good of a deal for a one off indoor drum corps show.
  8. Seating capacity in arenas is lower than I thought. 15k-20k in general and only 1/4-1/3 of those seats would be desirable for a corps style show. So, you can cut expenses going smaller, but revenue will likely drop along with attendance even if everyone likes it as much as football stadiums.
  9. Confirmed that a decision has been made, I believe. The longer it takes to announce, generally the worse the news. May or may not apply in this case. Soon, all of DCP will know the announcement but nobody will post it. Heh.
  10. I hit the WGI Percussion finals one year at Dayton, it was a total wash of sound and not all that enjoyable from a sound standpoint. (Rhythm X was really cool that year, I believe the show was "Gone". Even though it was Justin Timberlake music, I liked it. A lot.) Personally, I think people would rather hear woodwinds than hear a large corps in a basketball arena. I think the smaller field would be perfect for smaller corps, but put Crown on a basketball court and you'll need to wear ear plugs.
  11. Has anyone here been in a band where you don't bring your own woodwind instrument?
  12. Efficiency means you maximize your existing resources. So, if you have empty seats on buses, that's pushing up the per member transportation costs because you can't lease 2/3 of a bus or 2/3 of a driver. Food is the other major cost, The cost of chicken patties for 150 or 200 will be about the same, but if the food truck is maxed out in capacity for 150, then going to 200 means you need a new food truck, more people to prepare e the food, etc. By its very nature drum corps is limited on growth. Only about a quarter of stadium seating is sellable. Nobody wants to sit in the away stands or the e
  13. Look at 990 filings. For most corps, member fees do not cover their percentage of costs. Adding members will likely mean more infrastructure which will increase the cost / member. If there were no additional costs per member and those members brought in new contributions, then it could be about the money. A more effective means of gaining new revenue would be to ask prospective members if they have any wealthy relatives.
  14. It's really just a matter of time for the Cavaliers.
  15. I just didn't want to leave it there forever. Easily found online, but why make it super easy for bots that scrape forums?
  16. I do cybersecurity, so have all the fun you want and I'll play along if if will make you happy.
  17. They can propose anything, but they should be given a budget to work with.
  18. OMG! Are you a hacker?? GeoIP lookup is mad skillz. My address is: Redacted
  19. It passed caucus, but not the official vote. No woodwinds for at least two more years.
  20. I'm not pro- woodwinds, just don't think it would be the end of the world because WC corps wouldn't march a WW line, but it could help smaller OC corps.
  21. Where else will people tell everyone that they're not spending money on drum corps?