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  1. I would probably use the payment plan option rather than paying in full up front this year.
  2. Only if somewhere in the universe people march with social studies books. Personally, for me, the height of drum corps would be something like Caviliers around mid 2000's. I won't say anything negative about particular shows because someone reading this may have marched in one of those shows, but the 10's haven't been very drum corpsy, by my definition. That's ok. My lack of interest will be replaced by someone else's interest. Same thing with woodwinds. Marching with woodwinds or without woodwinds, I'm probably not going to be entertained - most drum corps shows now are something to be endured. But I do enjoy something like Western Carolina University and they have woodwinds, and guitars, and synths, and amps. Basically, the train that I wanted left the station a few years ago. I'm trying to find a different train that I won't mind.
  3. If the petition ends up with 500 signatures, then that's a green light for adding WW.
  4. I could only get one year without getting a $59/month subscription for a year minimum. So, I’ll settle for one year.
  5. In 2018, 337,000 school woodwind instruments were sold and 266,000 school brass instruments were sold according to statista. I understand that you want all brass, but there may be a larger untapped portion of the market out there.
  6. In Japan, yes. I believe they also have indoor competitions similar to what you're talking about. In Japan it's almost all female members in the band. I really thought that the oil crisis of 10 or so years ago (or maybe it was longer) would have forced DCI into a smaller indoor show format similar to WGI Winds, but that didn't happen.
  7. Blast pulled in about $8 million in the 6-7 months it was on Broadway. It ended in September 2001 and we all know what happened then that likely hastened its end. While it was certainly a success, that was 20 years ago and we haven't seen a successful follow up.
  8. Sorry, I thought sideline woodwinds were currently legal. I guess it’s just electric instruments.
  9. We can have oboe and bassoon solos now on the sideline, right? So that part hasn't really changed as it would have to be miked. If Yamaha sells it, it's an instrument. Is a kazoo much of a stretch from playing a brake drum?
  10. Sure. But emailed opinion will scale proportionally. I realize that my impact is effectively zero, so what will be will be. I don't like woodwinds, but I think it's going to happen. Then again, I don't really like the current state of drum corps in general so I'm hoping that whatever the next evolutionary development is, maybe it will be more interesting.
  11. I had something in mind more like the directors of the corps you donate to.
  12. I just thought the “list” was on the creepy side of the line.
  13. I think that all instrument will pass. Maybe a good idea since it’s a very fundamental change to the voicing of the ensemble is to allow OC to field woodwinds. It gives them a greater pool to recruit from and WW as part of drum corps will need to prove itself.
  14. Home addresses next? (PS - this was sarcasm)
  15. Ok, here’s your gold star. You’re right about whatever you think you’re right. Woodwinds will still pass.
  16. That's out of context with what I was replying to. You're battling arguments I wasn't making.
  17. If DCI goes all instrument, then it's going to sound different. That's certain. I did notice the proposal to disallow miking full ensembles and only allowing small ensembles / soloists to be miked. I wonder if that's an effort to stave off woodwinds? Corps with woodwinds will have less sound than those with none or few woodwinds. You can't use the PA to make up for fewer brass. So, I hope that rule passes. Then on further thought, maybe that would hasten adding ~50 members to the corps size. Personally, I think the field is getting cluttered already, add 50 members and we have college band. I think it's pretty clear the direction the activity is heading. Cirque du Soleil on the field. I wonder what year will be the first when a corps does zero marching - all dance or dance movements? I'm not hating on BD, but it will probably be them, they'll win and then everyone will do it the next year.
  18. Isn't that like saying drum corps play bugles? Oh wait.
  19. Show a picture / video of any drum corps to Joe Average on the street and ask them what they're watching. They'll say a "marching band". If the difference requires you to be directly involved in the activity, is there really that much of a difference?
  20. Does anyone really think that WW will not happen within the next five years?
  21. But isn't it the corps themselves (member corps) that would approve / disapprove this? Petition the voting members. They're really the ones that think allowing woodwinds would be advantageous to their organizations.
  22. I've thought and thought and thought. "My" drum corps style of show is long gone, if it goes all instrument, I'll give it a shot.