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  1. Policy 216 states that it was updated Oct 2019. I don't have a revision history of the document to be sure that the 55 member requirement was announced then and not before, but I *think* that is when the membership numbers and financial requirements for moving up to World Class Participant / Member dropped.
  2. They definitely should have given them written notice as to their status. I'm not sure of the timing of the rule changes versus when they requested status clarification or the mechanics of how the members would vote. It would be the committee making the decision, not DA, right?
  3. But the rules state 55 members, they only had 39 in 2019 and were concerned that they wouldn't be able to field 55. It sounds like they wanted an exception. Maybe WGI is a better fit? You can get a lot more impact from 35 members indoors than outdoors in a full stadium.
  4. Agreed. You can do everything right and it still doesn't guarantee success, just a shot at it.
  5. Looking at Encorps' Facebook page - only 741 likes. Facebook has about a 2/3 penetration in the US, so extrapolate and about 1000 people like Encorps. The "big" corps have 150k-200k likes. Also looking at the 2018 YouTube vids versus 2019, they look like they dropped in size by a half. I don't know about their history other than that, but it looks like Encorps failed themselves rather than a vast DCI conspiracy.
  6. I get that DCI doesn’t want to dedicate a lot of resources to smaller corps. But if you can’t field 55 members, I wonder how serious your organization really is.
  7. I actually drove past Williamsport yesterday for the first time. Went to Milheim to see a friend play at the Elk Creek Cafe. Didn't realize that I'd be driving past Williamsport until I saw the name on the exit. So, I guess I'll drive longer than Williamsport to see bluegrass/nügrass, but decided not to go to Williamsport for DCA. I think two hours is my limit. BTW - Elk Creek Cafe is a hidden gem. Milheim is a town of ~800 people not really close to anything and the Elk Creek Cafe is really, really good. Great beer, great food, good sound system, great staff.
  8. Not even free facilities for practice or office space? Staff is paid for via activity fees and fundraisers?
  9. I did Baltimore Ravens Marching Band for a few years and, of course, no player appreciation with the exception of Ed Reed and Justin Tucker. Those guys always had something nice to say. In fairness, the cheerleaders were easier to appreciate.
  10. That may have been possible when you lined the fields with paint but a large percentage of the fields now are artificial turf.
  11. I think you’re being over-dramatic about it. They should do whatever they want to do. It just doesn’t make sense to me. So, being an Internet forum, we discuss.
  12. I’m sure they know what they’re doing, I’m just scratching my head.
  13. Good ROI = breaking even this year by not wasting money where it doesn’t need to be wasted. Overall, in the year end totals, there is no ROI, but individual expenditures can have a positive or negative ROI.
  14. Trying to figure that out myself. They will need to obtain visas to visit here since Costa Rica is not a participant in the visa waiver program. Politics aside, i think everyone will agree that this is not the most pleasant of time for someone from Central America to obtain a visa to come here to “work” for a drum corps. Troopers should establish a credit program with a local college that would allow them to be affiliated with an accredited institution of higher learning to make obtaining a visa easier. Kudos for thinking outside the box. I work in IT, so by nature I’m looking for problems and risks before they happen. I’m sure they’ve thought through this and have determined that there is a potential up shot for the organization.
  15. How would this work for Costa Rica? The school year there runs from February to December.
  16. Yay! I got Babylon on iTunes. I didn’t know there was anything available on iTunes. I would definitely purchase video on iTunes if available.
  17. Highly doubt it. The video from the Cadets performance looks like garbage by today’s standards and is irrelevant to the story. I doubt there will be much more than 60 seconds total of athlete video and that will be mostly to establish that’s it’s the Olympics.
  18. Of course they know what the issues are. Ok, what am I permitted to talk about? I’ll stay within your list.
  19. Aren’t most drum corps fans pulling for their survival? That doesn’t mean it stops them from pointing out things that don’t look good or are troublesome. For the next couple years, signing the contract is at your own risk. There are financial factors at play that can’t be ignored. I care, but not enough to break out the checkbook. My donation won’t save them anyways.
  20. Won't that run into tax issues? When you donate to a non-profit, you can deduct the donation minus whatever gift you receive, like a t-shirt valued at $30. So if you buy a vote for $500, isn't the value of the vote $500 and then you can't deduct that donation? On a side note since a lot more people are no longer able to itemize, has that impacted drum corps donations?