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  1. You can spend all the money you want, but if it is still crap, you will not do well.
  2. There hasn't been a marching caption since the early 80s. If you want to see groups judged on marching alone, go find a high school band contest.
  3. Not to mention that Crown's staff likes the panel tomorrow. It's a very favorable lineup for them.
  4. Punctuation is a big deal for me. I just like to see a persons thoughts as clearly as possible. Personally speaking, it has become a pet peeve since I returned to school. The only thing that bothers me more is people making political comments in unrelated forums. When combined together, I can't resist. :)
  5. No. It was the stupid autocorrect. I just need to proofread; punctuation is rarely an issue.
  6. Or a typo. :P I'll own it though; others can hide their murder of English behind a cell phone. <Sent from my Note 5>
  7. A typo vs. the blatant disregard of the English language. Nice try, kid. I see the concept of "context" went over you're head, too. <keeping the autocorrect blunder for humor >
  8. I see that commas go over your head.
  9. I also know him personally, and we agree on most things visual. Same thing could be said about Crown last season, too. IMO, VE/VA is what cost them last season. The members move better than the book given to them.
  10. Bluecoats.... Variety of demand in spades, and they have room to add more... including an ending. This show will compete for High Vis GE, VP and VA. Crown.... Other than the very beginning, they live in front of the back hash. The design lacks variety in terms of staging. What they have going for them is an amazing guard, and the members have a lot of vocab. They will compete for High VP/Guard but a 4th GE Vis and Va is likely for them.... but a weaker Cadets might help a little and place them 3rd in the captions. This is without me seeing SCV yet.
  11. .... and it had the most and loudest applauses in my theater. A theater in a very conservative part of the country.
  12. I love electronics. The theatrical and dance elements of modern visual packages. Dinos... Can't stand them. G Bugles, they sound like crap... and I marched one. These uniform ####### suck!!
  13. Children stories come to life....complete with people jumping out of books, costumes, gigantic letters, and large pins. If you didn't understand that, you don't need to speak about how judging should be because the 10 year-old that sat behind me at finals totally got it.