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  1. A long time ago (80's maybe?) during the finals broadcast they would show a collage of videos taken on tour of various corps day to day activities. From bus shots to sleeping in the gym, eating, packing, and practicing, all backed by Willie Nelson singing "On the road again". It made you appreciate what these kids go through and if you went through it brought back pleasant memories.
  2. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/sara-mutschlechner-20-killed-texas-road-rage-shooting-article-1.2483972
  3. I was just reading the new on my android table (google play newsstand) and came across an article about a young woman named Sara Mutschlechner who was killed in a road rage incident. The picture accompanying the article shows her standing next to an orange traffic cone on which the DCI logo is prominently displayed. Does anyone have more info on her?
  4. Going back a few more years (70's), I think the Hawthorne Muchachos played this also.
  5. Actually they're already secretly testing next years show concept in Europe. http://www.wimp.com/bicycleband/
  6. Thanks Prfct for bringing Klein Collins to my attention. First guard contest I attended was as a 12 yr old. That was 53 yrs ago and I still enjoy it.
  7. Congratulations Nick and best wishes to you and your bride to be. (PS Is she aware of your Drum Corps commitment?). I took a date to a drum corps show. She sat there totally in awe all evening. Her comment after the first corps, "This is amazing, where has this been all my life." We married 4 months later. That was 42 years ago. Kids marched, wife toured as a volunteer. I hope you find the same happiness.
  8. I don't live in the north east and did not see you guys and gals until Rochester. When the season opened and I read of the problems you both were experiencing I was dismayed and frankly did not expect much from either of you at finals. I'm writing this to thank you both for not giving up, for confronting the problems and dealing with them, and mostly to once again show this old guy that the spirit of drum corps lives in all of you. Thank you both for giving us an entertaining and enjoyable set of shows. Good luck to the both of you going forward..
  9. I think the point that you're missing (and I say this respectfully), is that DCA is a NE SUPPORTED activity. Ken (who lives in Florida)
  10. Just announced on facebook (via a friend). can anyone confirm?
  11. I mentioned the ticket with 2 thoughts in mind: 1. With an attendance in the thousands the money from a nominal ticket fee (say $5.00) would go a long way to helping these minicorps with their limited resources. 2. We would probably loose a percentage of the audience who just come to socialize in the back. A good thing IMHO, and those folks would probably very quickly find a new venue for their reunion. My flame suit is on.. however I hope that everyone realizes I mean no ill will towards anyone.
  12. A. Since 1955 2. Yes 3. Yes, retired and living on SS. Oh, I could build on this list... but, why bother.... you didn't seem to put a whole lot of thought into this topic to begin with.... Please explain. Not about A an C, but why it's important for 2 to occur during a corps performance and not for example outside in the hallway?
  13. I've watched the attendance at the mini corps show in Rochester continuously rise. There seems to be a split in the type of attendees. One group appears to be there to watch all corps and enjoy/evaluate their performance. The other group appears to watch one or two corps then congregate towards the rear of the hall and actively socialize to the point where it is at times the background din is so loud it becomes disruptive. What group do you fall into? Should we seperate the social area from the performance area? Should they charge a fee (tickets) for attendance?
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