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  1. I saw the Scouts in Oswego and quite frankly I cannot believe they didn't take second place by a LONG shot over Spirit and Crossmen.
  2. That's pretty funny. I am amazed how many people are actually against having some sort of dress code to be on the field with performers in uniform. I never expected this many posts. Possibly, this could be the theme for a 2009 Cadets show with a bum walking around the field and by the end he is clean shaven and well dressed running the amp!
  3. Well written and thought out show. They are VERY good. The only thing I see is the show is a little flat from the other top corps I have seen.
  4. There ya go! Not only louder wall of sound than most corps today but even untreated lumber looks cleaner.
  5. Look, I am not "trying to degrade people". Why in the world would you not have these people on corps shirts and clean cut sitting right on th 50 yard line? The last show I went to this year, everyone one of them were wearing flip flops, very worn shorts, very worn non-corps t-shirs and long unkempt hair in a pony tail. BTW what does 28 posts have to do with having a valid discussion point?
  6. No, really. What is with the sound tech's all these corps have on the 50 yard line dressed like bums or homeless people? Not to be a prude or a complete arse, but wouldn't it be a good idea to at least be clean cut with a decent set of slacks/shoes on for the performance? Has anyone else noticed this?
  7. We should be questioning the qualifications and perceptions of the judging community as well. I would hope they are routinely checked for hearing and sight loss yearly. Interesting, you don't think playing music involves the use of extreme dynamics? How boring and unmusical. Headbanger indeed.
  8. I absolutely agree with you. The problem, like any other activity that is in competition, is that the corps are going to do whatever it takes to get the best score they can out of those judges. If DCI has proclaimed (or heavilly suggested, wink wink) that you need XYZ to win you can bet most corps are going to do XYZ whether it's in writing or not. I think Mike Cesario said it best (paraphrase), "Those that are percieved to be moving the activity forward will be rewarded."
  9. No, never, I would not say worse. But, look at the inverse of what you are saying, if one doesn't march drum corps they don't know how to practice or have standards? I am sorry but I can remember almost always having like a day to look at a couple pieces of music and being expected to play it almost to perfection by sight reading in ensemble. Not given 8 months of continuous practicing. I would say that your technique would be great, your appraoch to playing music in a college music program(s) no so good.
  10. You should listen to the 80 and 81 versions they have done.
  11. Is it? Tell me how playing the same 10-12 minutes of condensed music, marching, for 8 moths is making someone a better musician in the scope of becomming a professional player. For teaching marching band or drum corps I think it's a no brainer, but better musician?
  12. See, you only point to something bad and not well done like CSO. Those that never push the envelope with dynamic range will NEVER achieve a truly loud or soft sound. Also, there are multiple techniques for teaching brass and not ALL brass have to play the same way. What I see here on the forums lately seem to be a real lack of rounded education when it come to brass sound. Brass lines don't all need to sound like CSO to be good. Take LSO, they don't sound the same, yet they sound wonderful. Take that brass ensemble from New Orleans, technique all over the place yet they sound great. A GREAT brass player is able to change the way they sound (in a good and pleasing way) given the music they are playing to match what is going on to convey the music to the end person listening. Music with no emotion is simply not acceptable. If you canot feel and play the music as intended you have not been taught properly IMHO. You don't need someone on an amp telling you what you should be thinking about as you listen to music if done properly. On soapbox: Get rid of the amped pit. It's bad enough the hornlines don't play as loud as they used to why bury the really nice playing going on with 16th note runs from 12-20 people not playing the melody.
  13. This is if you can here 50% of their show over that amped pit. Everyone plays so dark anymore that there basically no overtones going on anymore. Trumpet lines sound puny. Scratch the Bb trumpets and get some D trumpets. You know what is funny is that some people here probably have never played in a major symphonic orchestra. I have never played so loud in my life (even in PR) as I did there trying to balance 100+ string instruments. The grand experiment is over and the G bugles simply sound better on the field. Music without substantial dynamic contrast is silly; that used to be what set drum corps apart. Don't believe me? Why do some corps have to now tell people what their show is about rather than letting the art speak for itself?
  14. I also went to the Oswego show and I have only one thing that ALL the corps out there had major issues with...amps. The PIT on EVETRY corps there is way out of balance to what is going on the field. Quite honestly, I don't see why you need to amp 12-20 players sitting 30 feet from the stands. Every time someone hit a bass drum in the pit the resounding thump from the speakers souded like a sonic shock wave. Couple this with that fact that hornlines simply don't play as loud as they used too they get buried if they face the back of the field or are playing soft melodic parts of their show. I would suggest if they are not going to use a device or person to adjust the volume levels correctly, or at the very least musically move them to the back of the field where you can use them as a "Dr Beat" and lose the overly annoying dutting from the snare line. That's my rant...;) I liked the show overall and for early on looks to be a great year for everyone. I thought Madison was scored a little low IMHO, the only corps that actually came close to the volume levels you expect from corps. As a side note I LOVE the design of Cavies show this year. What a complete package...now if the hornline can get the wow factor in there it looks like another ring year. As a side note to anyone interested I think that the Bb trumpets sound puny and this being the 8th 9th year on the field I would consider substituting some D trumpets out there or something to give them a full sound.
  15. Just my 2 cents. If you cannot convey what your show is about through the intednded medium of music and effect, voice will do nothing to help you. I saw the Cadets show last year 4 times and quite honestly they just don't get "IT" IMHO. Their show was like the perfect ice cream sundae then some d###### went and covered it with chocolate choking out all the good that was actually there.
  16. 1989 was the first year Regiment used toe first.
  17. Sorry, but the Kanstul Sops and that stupid TAN slide has to be the most poorly designed POS I have ever played. Absolutely the most stupid design ever IMHO.
  18. Just talked to Ken Norman tonight and it looks like we will be playing for Dick Biondi and a toy drive. Ken has taken the time to transpose the music for G and B flat instruments so come on down. We will be leaving the post at 12 sharp. BTW there is a rumor :) that there will be some jingle bells brought! :) This is gonna be alot of fun!
  19. ...and we wonder why we have problems with our children. Peeps, 18-21 year old people are ADULTS. These are the people working and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am sick and tired of the stupid coddling of ADULTS in this country. Why do you think we have 20-30 year olds acting like frigging children...we don't let them grow up. So the Cadets got booed, grow a set and move on. The people here complaining about the booing people are the SAME people that let people cut in front of them at the supermarket and never say anything. Then ##### about it later when they SHOULD have grown a pair and said something THEN. It's high time people stood up and said enough of the crap is enough. The fans are paying the entrance fee, they have the right to boo OR cheer. I would bet these same PC people here didn't bother to tell the peeps to stop booing in the stands either. My 2 cents....
  20. Cindy, It was GREAT having you at the RA rehearsals and the parades! I visited your myspace account...nice. I see you are also a big fan of Malaguena! Can't wait to see you dad's version of it! You cannot believe the amount of compliments we have gotten in the parades this year despite our size! Let me leave you with this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VV5bDKobcF8
  21. You know, it really comes down to the player(s). Trumpet players play all sorts of trumpets in different keys. I have played really good bugles and really #### poor ones. Same as Trumpets, I have played good ones and #### poor ones yet, incredibly I was still able to play in tune after getting the hang of it. I "personally" like the sound of a "G" hornline and notice a BIG difference between a 2 valve and a 3 valve horn in the way it plays. But, to say something is not good simply because of the key???? just weird.
  22. Hello! The Chicago Royals Airs Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps are inviting you to our next camp, Saturday, March 17th starting at 9:00 am and Sunday, March 18th starting at 10:00 am. All equipment and instruction will be provided so no one has to worry about bringing their own equipment. Positions open for ALL sections, Guard, Horns and Percussion. So if you haven't played in years or at all come down bring you mouthpieces or drum sticks and sit in! We also have every Thursday night at this location sectional rehearsal for those local members or those that just want to sit in and play! If you are coming simply email me so we can have equipment there for you to use. Location: VFW Post #2801 39 E. St. Charles Rd. Villa Park, IL 60181 Maps to the Villa Park VFW Post: Yahoo Maps: http://tinyurl.com/2d6y3v Mapquest: http://tinyurl.com/2t4k2v
  23. For those that were asking YES RA is alive and well. Actually better than ever now that all the problems that plagued RA for 3 years is now gone. Good possibilty you might see 3 new Alumni corps in the next couple years. RA, MOB and Classic Cavies.
  24. Hello! The Chicago Royals Airs Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps are inviting you to our next camp, Saturday, March 3rd starting at 9:00 am and Sunday, March 4th starting at 10:00 am. All equipment and instruction will be provided so no one has to worry about bringing their own equipment. Positions open for ALL sections, Guard, Horns and Percussion. So if you haven't played in years or at all come down bring you mouthpieces or drum sticks and sit in! Location: VFW Post #2801 39 E. St. Charles Rd. Villa Park, IL 60181 Mapquest: http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?searc...Il&zipcode= Housing: http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?formt...&cat=hotels Sincerely, Rich Campbell Royal Airs Asst Personnel Director www.chicagoroyalairs.com 03,06-07 RA Mellophone 86-89 Phantom Regiment FH/Mello 81-85 Royal Grenadiers
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