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  1. Worry isn't going to help. Practice will. World Class corps are looking for talent. If he has it, he'll find a spot. If not the first year he tries out, he eventually will. 17 is young for a World Class corps. Don't take this the wrong way, but what do you need to explain? This is a good learning experience for him. Are you familiar with the Love and Logic approach to parenting?
  2. What happens off the field has a big impact on what happens on the field. Absent significant improvements off the field how can one expect significant and sustainable improvements on the field?
  3. Very observant and good point. I also wondered about their motivation for the programming budget cuts 2019 vis a vi their administrative payroll expenses in order to deliver a surplus at the end of the year. My understanding is the alumni tried to raise money for programming expenses, specifically props, and management refused to accept the donations for props.
  4. Here is a link to the Forward Performing Arts 2019 Annual Report that was distributed at their annual meeting in November 2019. The Statement of Financial Activities is on page 7 of the PDF, which shows the YOY change in net assets was $51,447, which is good, but not $200,000.
  5. What is the source of this information? It appears your claim is false and/or a rumor. The financial statements shared by the Scouts and prepared by their accountant show a year over year increase of $51,447 in net assets from $(248,534) as of 10/31/18 to $(197,086) as of 10/31/19, not a $200,000 change.
  6. Perhaps it is as we're not the gatekeepers of this thread, which is Madison Scouts 2020. If one wants to just read comments about a subset of Scouts' related topics, such as camps or the field show, why not start a thread on those topics?
  7. What happens at camp and on the competition field are important and are a result of what happens in the board room and front office. The Scouts will continue to tread water or sink further if the major problems they have there are not addressed. It's important to be able to have civil conversations about these even if we may disagree.
  8. Even if the "Scouts" won DCI, they deserve and would benefit from better senior management.
  9. Yes, they did well competitively under Jim Mason's leadership. Then someone fired Mason abruptly and the board didn't bat an eye. How have they done since then? The trend line isn't good.
  10. Komnick my not be in the right seat on the bus, but he's not the root cause of the problem. Why do you think he is able to keep his job? Voting members are not informed or engaged. Many have been driven away and obstructed. Until the membership gets engaged and votes in a stronger board, I can't see meaningful improvements. That may not be an issue for long. The board wants to eliminate the voting rights of members, so the current leadership will be further entrenched. The future doesn't look bright.
  11. This is the board's responsibility. If they aren't doing it or aren't capable, is another committee the best solution? It's just a work around.
  12. This is interesting. It is not consistent with the Scout's transgender policy and if their management is aware of it, it is insubordination. The Madison Scouts will accept students based on the gender identity indicated by the applicant. Students assigned female at birth who identify as male (transgender males) will be eligible for participation provided their gender identify is similarly expressed to their immediate family members, school (if enrolled), and community. Any decision as to member eligibility based on gender identity may be appealed to the Forward Performing Arts, Inc. Board of Directors.
  13. Why do you think Boston's revenues grew so much? The money didn't fall out of the sky and they didn't win the lottery. There's a reason Boston's revenues grew.