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  1. Top 15 in the theater show. The 16 in Big, Loud, and Live 16 is the 16th edition of the theater show.
  2. The Location Positive: Sell out crowd with standing room only tickets being sold and people sitting in the back stands Opportunity: Five person judging panel, field had some giant brown spots, and (I don't believe they can control this, but...) it was quite warm which caused stamina issues for pretty much every group Arsenal (Including gifs that I was thinking of during each show - they did an intentionally creepy circus show) Positive: Lots of growth from last year - appear to be bigger and a more mature sound and visual book Opportunity: I am pretty sure the show is incomplete, that or they need to rethink how they finish the show Phenom (They played Black Hole Sun) Positive: Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden Opportunity: Probably not the organization's goal, but they could drop the woodwinds and be very competitive in Open Class Troopers Positive: Fun show that they sold really well without their normal uniforms Opportunity: Inconsistent performance, some really great parts followed by ones that need some work Vanguard (Me during the sousaphone solo) Positive: Percussion is super tasty, all the brass soloists are amazing Opportunity: The placeholder ending is a total letdown after the first ten minutes of the show Cavaliers (Cavaliers are the train and the bus is your fandom of other corps) Positive: Already my favorite Cavalier show since 2010 Opportunity: Noticeably dirtier than Vanguard but huge potential if they get it cleaned up Academy Positive: Easily the most mature program The Academy has put on the field Opportunity: Selling the show theme, rarely get the bridge theme beyond the half dozen London Bridge quotes
  3. Corps are performing tonight, it has cooled to 105. Not technically Pacific Time, we in Arizona just don't do Daylight Savings. Arsenal taking the field now.
  4. Same thing happened in Phoenix. Everyone just sat there for a while. We decided to leave after a minute or two, checked phone to see scores already posted.
  5. Vanguard trying to go undefeated despite losing twice already this season (Clovis and Sacramento).
  6. Random draw in groups of three based upon Atlanta results. Just like how they random draw Atlanta show in groups of three based on San Antonio results.
  7. DCI fixed their page so Carolina Crown no longer is performing four slots before Spirit.
  8. Music Analysis judges saw things very different from each other for a number of corps. Color Guard judge was not afraid to call massive differences in substance and achievement. These are the types of recaps that are fun to pour over. At least if you like to go a little crazy deep on them like me.
  9. I might be the only one who gets this, but as a Gooner I definitely appreciate this comment.
  10. Here's hoping that The Academy recovers from their stomach bug quickly and are able to perform their best Saturday in San Antonio. In case you missed it:
  11. Unless is wrong, Oregon Crusaders scored 66.0 yesterday and Pacific Crest scored 67.75.
  12. Everyone beat me to scores, so I will just say I can't wait for these corps to meet up with everyone else next week to see how things shake out with others. Looks like we are in for some fun battles at the top/middle/bottom of World Class this year!
  13. I don't know. I think it will be tough for Pacific Crest to beat Oregon Crusaders if they get scored only a minute into their show....