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  1. And yet, the complaining seems to always be directed at the same person/persons/organization. Odd. Very odd. :ph34r:/>
  2. More will follow. Soon all that will be left will be the G(eorge) 7.
  3. Drum corps, and anything besides having enough food, water and shelter will be WAY down on anyone's priorities during a complete global meltdown. I suggest investing in food storage, gold and silver, and the most important precious metal, LEAD.
  4. Dennis Delucia. It was HIS Muchachos drumline. He's a bigshot DCI guy. Perhaps he should fess up. Not holding my breath at this point.
  5. The second guy from the right is Ray Weiner, '75 Madison snare. I believe this was a pic taken during a promotional shot for Ludwig; maybe January of 1975.
  6. Looks like 6 drummers; you can see the sticks of the closest snare in the picture, but not the face.
  7. I will continue to make the long trek to DCA finals weekend. Much more bang for my limited buck.
  8. I do. I think they could find something better to do than pay piles of money to an activity that only serves to stroke the egos of self important "adults".
  9. May I join your club? I would like to get in before it gets crowded.
  10. I enjoyed an activity that featured acoustic unamplified brass and percussion in an outdoor venue. Now, it is electronic everything built for an indoor venue. My drum corps finals trip will only occur every Labor Day Weekend from now on.
  11. The Madison Scouts won their first title, 8/16/75. Congrats, men.
  12. I believe there are photos from that era to confirm your statement.
  13. I believe SCV went on last at '75 Finals.