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    I like knitting when I'm watching 24 on TV (I find that I knit very fast). I also like playing Rummy with the gals down at the end of the hall. Of course I LOVE drum corps and I have a sweet spot in my heart for those cute boys in the Scouts.

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  1. Your point is only a valid point IF there is more video that we haven't seen of Tim assaulting the other man first which based on the context of we do have doesn't exist. Even if we let our imaginations run wild that Mr. Snyder cussed the man and called his wife every rank and filthy name in the book that doesn't justify the stadium worker's physical response towards Tim. There is no moral equivalence. There's nothing to overthink here. Let's use our common sense without being polluted by weak-kneed sentimentalism. One man physically assaults a man and that man successfully defends himself. Not really any more or any less.
  2. Nope. Equivalency is a fallacy. That's one of the single biggest ailments in our western cultural thinking.
  3. Well, I think I must needs say something about all of this. Physical fighting is something that should make us all a bit squeamish and uncomfortable. But what should make us more uneasy is the idea of men not being able to defend themselves against violence and others sitting sanctimoniously behind their computer screens crying foul—as if you would sprout angel wings and blow kisses if another man began to assault you. P.S. Those who have invoked Jim Jones have no idea how he would have responded—Shoot, back in the day this is exactly how he used to handle marching members who repeated a mistake. I jest (a bit).
  4. You can choose your placements, but obviously you're only going to have one show from each corps.
  5. I'm back. Did I miss anything? I must admit this particular Old Fashioned is a bit sweet, but I'll choke it down (can't let a good bourbon go to waste).
  6. I am in the minority I know. BUT...I am going to mix a drink (perhaps and Old Fashioned) in protest of the Bluecoats show. Is anyone joining me or am I the only one who feels like this?
  7. Does anyone else feel like they're going to to more with that front platform. For the size and effort of it all, it feels like it's not utilized all that much.
  8. Did anyone else pee their pants just a little bit?
  9. This show is an engineering marvel! I was mesmerized at the team assembling that front platform the other day.
  10. I love the Cadets show this year, but they must do something with those birthday cakes. DO YOU HEAR ME GEORGE! They are garish and ugly.
  11. We've had two shows tonight that fit that description: SCV and Regiment.
  12. Great performance SCV. Great Drum and Bugle Corps show!
  13. Every year there are only a couple shows I absolutely love, a handful that are pretty good, some that are meh and a few that are not enjoyable. So, I was fantasizing (no wisecracks) about the ultimate season. It's not necessarily picking the best show ever by a particular corps, but rather choosing a finals night where the entire evening is unforgettable. You can pick your own top 12 and use one show for each corps from any year.
  14. And we haven't even gotten to the Bluecoats yet. [which for the record is a show that I despise]
  15. I am a lifelong Boston fan, but this narration did absolutely nothing for their show.
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