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  1. Stu asked about an all in one Super Duper bar? Here it is! super duper Just following the narrative, nothing else is going on
  2. This thread is suspicious, none of the posts pass the smell test. May be DCP has been invaded by aliens? DCP needs an "I'm Not A Robot Box and make real people stand on their head to read the crazy numbers, I would feel more comfortable if you tested Stu twice.
  3. Are you interested in any of the corps that have openings?
  4. Gee George you're noting w/o your staffs, "orchestrated smear" really ---- wasn't that about some judge?
  5. It is a real-world assessment of what dci is facing. Asking real questions. I am sitting here heartbroken because of what is being discussed on Reddit. If that perspective is not welcomed on DCP because some don't care oh well, just delete my posts. The same Reddit posters over & over have a real hatred for dci no reasoning with them or the folks on sites the youth trust. When none of this off-field stuff is stealing the day. Dci Reddit is a good thing, right now the focus is not on creativity, being the best. The focus is on watching their butts, being told to contact the
  6. Crossmen when the bells were brass, think VK as well, sure there are others. Ripped right through your head.
  7. Search, Google for Drum Corps International all the bad is right there for a potential parent to form an opinion of dci. Should dci alter it's metadata like Moody may have? How does dci go about cleaning their image? How do they get out ahead of AI, they are worse off than Mr. Lotz is? Did Dan make a good move in that direction with punishing Arsenal? All this Dan is right stuff on DCP is falling on deaf ears it the real world. Parents do not put DCP in the search box wondering if they should shell out 5k and not see their kid for14 weeks. Is DCP AI programmed with Pro Dan software that
  8. What is your reasoning for thinking that, not that I don't want that to happen but IPv4 is working against him being so young I am not too sure? I would be more inclined to think that about Fred he is in the same boat but he jumped into the mix with his hands dirty Mr. Lotz did not. Fred still has the IPv4 issue. The lesson I learned from this is folks in authority need to use their power wisely in this case not only for Mr Lotz. Dan himself has the IPv4 issue, (it's the least of his problems). IP does what IP does it's not always accurate like in Mr Lotz case what is he to do?
  9. Dream much? Had a good one the other night and I can't say for sure it was BRASSO. Because I never seen a pix but I was being chased around LOS by an old Whitehaired Madman because I was wearing my Alleged Fred & The Perversions Tour shirt, then my cat woke me up.
  10. I am not worried about that either. The only one that has a real vetting issue is Mr Lotz. is he "the victim or the crime", you choose but in any event, he's the one that will have this following him around. Unfortunately for Mr. Lotz, he does not have the luxury of simple reading comprehension. His fate is determined way above the comprehension IP layer 3. His fate lies in the application layers 5, 6, & 7 where they talk binary. He is electronically screwed. Also, the same layers of the internet refer to us but we are way under the surface it does not affect us but still exists. .
  11. Almost got me pegged when I am around there are no silent moments but it is all awkward.
  12. The Company 2019
  13. Not anymore just got my medical marijuana prescription. It was easy told them I had PTSD because I listen to a lot of "Alleged Fred & the Perversions"
  14. That is why accusing Fred of anything else than hiring Moody is hearsay. One could point to someone having it out for Fred for the hire and made up the receipt. We don't know? I find it ironic that time is making us see clearer on Fred and Dan put the focus back on him, nuts?
  15. Yes, Maybe you or JimBari can help DCP do that when they delete posts, it's a good policy.
  16. Exactly the root cause of this is the policy. The damage was unintentional, that means something in a court of law. You get a lesser penalty for the same results. Then what is the penalty for intentionally disparaging dci? The penalty does not suit the crime. The CEO made a snap decision and hasn't convinced many that he can justify his actions.
  17. Not at all. None of us really know so it's all opinion. Using the term alleged is giving Fred the benefit of the doubt. Fred's social media rating plummeted on that revelation months later. Fred was still afloat if it was not for that. So here goes Holmes stay alert. I do question the "receipt" first that it was a hard copy knowing only Colonel Mustard had access to them. The receipt is protecting The Butler from Rockey Horror from coming forward. The con is that the "innocent receipt" the receipt is not innocent. Progress Holmes who's DNA will we find in Fred's office ........ Stay Tuned
  18. Yes but not until the The King said so. As that point, he already had one head on his platter. Thinking I am just as guilty, I tried to get a plea bargain but he said he had none left. He also said I was not to draw any conclusions from turncoats that see this all too clearly now.