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  1. SCV was an amazing line that year, full of DCI "All-Stars." I think they peaked way too early, because by the end of the season they were a shadow of what they started out as. Not saying they weren't amazing, but I never thought they deserved to win drums. They were dirty by the time they got to Madison. Now their tenor ensemble...that's a whole other story. I just saw a video of that for the first time in over ten years, and I'd forgotten how ridiculous it was!
  2. Don't you have any new stories Geno? j/k, miss you Brother. You never make any gatherings!
  3. I thought it was after Alanallentown...
  4. Most of the "name" corps don't actually own the drums...the sponsoring company retains ownership and then sells them at a discount after a couple of years of use.
  5. Star had the greatest impact on the creative direction of the activity during the time they were around, hands down. I agree with the comparisons to early '80s Cadets. The thing that struck me in the mid '90s was that SO many people complained that Star was doing TOO MUCH dance and body movement, but within 5 years virtually everyone was incorporating dance and body into their show designs (including all those who complained in '93!)
  6. Bus Jousting event in ' of the participants in the first round, first heat dislocated his shoulder. Caravan had to stop in next town to take him to the emergency clinic or whatever. Needless to say, Bus Jousting was quickly and quietly laid to rest. He was OK, by the way, and was back on the field in a couple of shows. :P
  7. Perhaps a more accurate question might be "Who marched on a conical-bored instrument in the key of G?" <$1 to Trooper for that description>
  8. Phantom's and Bluecoats' new trucks are really eye-catching.
  9. Agreed on amusement parks...hit ot miss. Just happened that the two I went to over the 3 years I marched were Cedar Point and Disneyland (CA, not Orlando.) Both great! Boston and SF were both great for the same reasons you mentioned.
  10. My two favorite free days were both in amusement parks. Cedar Point was great! Next two favorites were in major cities. (SF, Boston)
  11. Thank you for providing some sorely needed perspective on this topic.
  12. While I am not necessarily "anti-electronics," I do think it presents a unique opportunity for Open Class to win a new base of fans, which it sorely needs. And, as pointed out, electronics certainly put more strain on already-tight Open budgets.
  13. Such corps already exist, and as TB pointed out, struggle to recruit members every year.
  14. I wish people would listen with their ears and not their eyes. I never thought Revoluntion's drumline was way overbalanced...I thought they did a pretty nice job, actually. But hey, they were a full drumline paired with a 30 person hornline, so they must be overbalanced, right?
  15. I have had an identical experience with Staci and ProMark...