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  1. Was Ron Housley GM of the Fresno Ferns?
  2. I never played in the USAF Drum and Bugle Corps, but I did play soprano horn in the Lackland AFB, Drum and Bugle Corps October, November, and part of December 1963. We played retreat ceremonies and did some local parades. In addition we played at the basic training graduation ceremonies. Most of our music was traditional military marches, but one of our snare drummers, ex Cambridge Caballero DM, John Tyree, got the drum line to use the Hawthorne Cabbies street beat. We had a semi-cool instructor, SSGT Lykens who let us smoke and drink sodas when we were in the band room rehearsing. We w
  3. I played a Getzen soprano piston/slide G bugle in the Bath Maine Buccaneers Senior Corps and the Lackland AFB, D and B corps during the early and mid-1960's.We competed against the Vagabonds in the Northeast Circuit during the earlyy 1960's. I now own two Olds piston/rotor soprano horns used in the late 1960's (Zig Kanstul repaired one in his Anaheim shop in 2006). I much prefer the P/R horns to the two valve next generation....the two valves seemed to collect a bunch of spit the P/R horns didn't.
  4. I remember that show. While Archie was doing their show, Reilly came out in black T-shirts and black gloves, and they all sat on the finish line. Dumb-### show was in Convention Hall.
  5. These two DCI Rose Bowl Semi-Finals August 10 seats are starting line seats. You will be seated with Kingsmen alumni, Kingsmen spouses and families, Kingsmen fans, and Kinsmen friends, and there will be a bunch of them. A greater crowd to sit among can't be found anywhere......Your cost is my cost...$40 for the pair. E-mail me if you are interested. Click on my screen name to get to the E-mail option. Thanks.
  6. The KINGSMEN AC will be doing a stand and blow show at the NAMM convention in Anaheim Saturday morning, January 21 at 9-9:30 in front of the Anaheim Convention Center. There are presently about 250 members signed up to perform that day. Come see the's all's all good.
  7. 60's Cabbies, Hurricanes, Marksmen, Prince, St Kevins, Skyliners, Reilly, Archie
  8. Mission Drums at Boston College Stadium came at the right time of year...June. The sunsets over those building spires were gorgeous, and the air was cool and the corps were brassy. Best senior show in the biz.
  9. Any one remember a fellow named Eric Hartman who marched with the Black Knights way back in the early 1960's? I marched with him in the Lackland AFB, Drum and Bugle Corps in October-November 1963.
  10. Carver Gay Blades Senior Corps from Newark was very competitive in the Northeast Circuit in the early 1960's. It was an all black corps.One of the first corps to have soloist rifle slingers roaming the field...2 guys doing amazing rifle tosses with heavy rifles.
  11. Wow...I'm sorry I missed that one. The last DCI show I went to was the World Open or the CYO Nationals...can't remember 1983.Didn't care much for what I saw, and I think the wife and I left even before they announced the scores.
  12. I do. They started out as The Jolly Whalers and marched in the Northeast Senior Circuit. I marched with the Bath, Maine Buccaneers, and we competed against the Whalers for about three years....1960-63...or thereabouts.I recall three corps battling it out for last three spots in most of the NE Circuit shows we did...The Buccaneers, The Jolly Whalers, and The Vagabonds from Torrington, Connecticut. :)