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  1. DCM and DeKalb. I still get a chill down my back when entering that stadium.
  2. We are playing some Xmas gigs with a combined brass ensemble. Be sure to check your alumni Facebook page for this new opportunity! More to come...
  3. Scotland the Brave NBC Chimes Festival Festive Overture
  4. Unless you are from the pre shako era, like me. You get a triangle for every year marched.
  5. My Colt triangle is always around my neck, at every drum corps show.
  6. As our Lord and Master Ken Norman always taught....good players play out of tune, bad players play louder.
  7. That's a gaida, not the bagpipe that was referred to OP.
  8. And you could certainly sample the sound and use the karaoke drum corps method of today OR use a real kid that plays the pipes, on an electric one.
  9. Or we just go and tailgate with our friends. Watch what we want to see, drink what and where we want to and have some stadium nachos just one more time, for Auld Lang Syne. Honestly, I have been doing this already for decades anyway, but now I have an excuse.
  10. And those of you that want to use Uber for the first time, please use this code: SWEL4, for a first time rider discount! Or the code: DALE790220 for Lyft.
  11. I just heard there was a mistake. I think that's supposed to be River City, not Raiders.
  12. Not sure what are best source for live score updates is. Hopefully, someone there will post as they come up.
  13. We are soon to see, The Magic of Santa Clara...once again!
  14. It is so much more entertaining to watch the younger corps than the premier league. They work as hard as any of the top 5, play MUSIC THAT YOU CAN ENJOY, and really entertain the crowds. FTR....GO !
  15. GO ! It was worth the wait to see you on tour! Thanks for coming to the Milwaukee area and good luck in MI City and the rest of your tour! A shout out to the Zylinger boys: great bari solo and great job hauling that massive contrabass tuba around Dean! I am so proud of you both, and indeed the whole corps!
  16. Important to note that we ALWAYS wore something under the kilt....socks and shoes...and spats of course! LOL!!!
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