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  1. We ALL miss the retreats of a drum corps show, where the corps play their respect to the winner, and we see the corps perform their trademark as they go off the field. Why can't DCI - just ONCE A YEAR, do a "Traditional Show" where the Drum Corps can play their cadences coming on the field if they like, do a retreat, and perform going off... I think i would rather go there - than DCI Championships.. anybody else interested?
  2. ****** DCA All-Age Corps - Championship Finals ******* Open Class: 01. 97.55 - Buccaneers 02. 96.53 - Minnesota Brass 03. 95.53 - Caballeros (1 pt penalty) 04. 94.40 - Fusion Core 05. 92.60 - Cadets2 06. 92.40 - Atlanta CV 07. 89.80 - Bushwackers 08. 87.35 - Hurricanes 09. 85.20 - Carolina Gold 10. 84.05 - Alliance Brass: Buccaneers Colorguard: Fusion Core Drum Major: Hurricanes General Effect: Buccaneers Honor Guard: Buccaneers Percussion: Buccaneers Showmanship: Fusion Core Visual: Buccaneers
  3. PREDICTIONS: Hawthorne Caballeros: 97.10 High Brass, High General Effect Minnesota Brass: 96.95 High Percussion Reading Bucanneers: 96.65 High Visual Dover Fusion 96.50 Best Color Guard Corps Vets 96.20 Allentown Cadets 92.05 Princeton Bushwackers 90.00 Long Island Sunrisers 85.95 Carolina Gold 84.85 Connecticut Hurricanes 84.65
  4. What did CROSSMEN get a 1 pt penalty for in Semi finals? Anyone know?
  5. I have been going to some DCI shows this summer. The corps are getting BETTER and BETTER each year. However, i would say, that beside BLUE DEVILS who are awesome, there are 6-7 corps than are VERY, VERY GOOD. I am wondering if DCI Limited Judges for NO LONGER than 10 years, would there be a BETTER CHANCE for Corps to UPSET the TRADITIONAL Strong holds? I see judges out there for more than 15 years, and yes granted: They usually pick the right winner, but is there a bigger opportunity for ALL the CORPS if they get NEW BLOOD in the ranks of DCI JUDGING? Thoughts/ MrBud
  7. TODAY - Starting at 7:00pm @ Jackson Liberty HS, North Hope Chapel Road, Jackson, NJ "DRUM CORPS SHOW" featuring: THE CADETS, Bluecoats, Spirit of Atlanta, Crusaders, Bridgemen, Raiders, THE CADETS 2, plus more... TODAY - Stadium opens at 6:00pm EASY ACCESS from Rt. 9, or Rt. 195 go to for further information... WHO ELSE IS GOING???? I am....
  8. I see Corps having Moderator parts recorded for the performances. I see sound effects being performed by a button. Should Corps be allowed to play a recorded sax or trombone or trumpet solo? THAT WAY SOLOISTS can be perfect every time...The audience and judges would never know... Thoughts?
  9. My real question is: WHEN YOU DO A SHOW ABOUT AMERICAN HISTORY - especially the Troopers who bring down the house with Battle Hymn and others, WHY IS THERE "NEVER" an American Flag in the show???
  10. 1) Blue Devils - Best Brass, Best Marching 2) Cadets Best - General Effect 3) Carolina Crown - Disneyland Award 4) Santa Clara Vanguard - Best Percussion 5) Bluecoats 6) Cavaliers 7) Blue Knights 8) Phantom Regiment 9) Boston Crusaders 10) Blue Stars 11) Madison Scouts 12) Troopers
  11. FUNNY THOUGHTS about the show! 1) Cadets used a "CONCERT FRENCH HORN" Soloist...I have heard NO negative comments about it. (pretty good soloist too) 2) Cadets are using a prop stage that is over 40 yards Long...I would like to see this in Whitewater! 3) Phantom Regiment changes their "Traditional" and White Swan Lake look to the "DARTH VADER" look halfway thru the show...I liked the uniform change, but missed the Star Wars Music. 4) Troopers did a semi - Sunburst in their show!...Boo! I would love to see the ORIGINAL and get the PEOPLE STANDING 5) Cavaliers...I dont remember need to juice up the show... 6) Cadets had an announcer...Can we please see what is behind Door #1 on that prop?
  12. ENJOYED watching and listening to the first Drum Corps Show of the season. If anyone is interested, my thoughts are this: 1) Troopers - Much Improved Corps from last year. Beautiful Brass Scoring with much more intregal parts, that make them alot more interesting to listen too. Much larger Guard will help them down the road. CONGRATS TROOPERS, and i am glad to see you still provide a sound that is related to your TRADITIONS. 2) Cavaliers - Green Machine seems to be off to a better start, better prepared then last year. Lots of different effects..sometimes choppy...Maybe need another read, but alot of talent in the pit, and contra bass and bass drum feature production is cool and going to be a crowd favorite. (The tune into the rock song - can't remember the name of it) NOT SURE WHAT TO CALL IT 3) Phantom Regiment - Lots of impacts, however the transitions leading into them, need more build..Was expecting more from the First Class Ensemble. They are not afraid to go out on the limb that is for sure...but need to look how they are going build more intensity into the transitions. SWAN LAKE 4) Cadets - Horn Line and Percussion Line are a WOW! Not impressed with Visual..Not sure why. I am sure Hoppy will fix whatever he has to do before Finals..They definitely have a better shot this year. PATRIOTIC SHOW 5) Carolina Crown - Much improved Percussion. Horn line, has so so so many notes..Sometimes distracting, because they are not SOLID with the percussion at this point. They will be in the running, once they get it together..SPACE SHOW
  13. seemed like a high school band drill rather than the Green Machine Cavaliers.