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  1. If you're counting only DCI Championships, don't forget the Cavaliers. If you're counting other championships (VFW, etc.), then I think you're right as it is, unless Phantom has some I don't know about.
  2. My unpopular opinion: They scored way too high in the visual captions in 2008 to begin with I had no idea about Madison's 6th-1st-7th rollercoaster. What a ride! Any explanations for that? Show, staff, members, etc.?
  3. In the past several years, it seems that these three shows have had the most fan support to pull out a surprise Finals week. I'm curious to see which is the favorite!
  4. Crown Avon HS did that in 2004, actually.
  5. Stu, You and I have not gotten along in the past, but thank you SO MUCH for pointing out the BLATANT hypocrisies in BBB's logic! BBB, I'm sorry that you're convinced that so many of us are "losers" and that you clearly see yourself as a "winner." Perhaps you should give Charlie Sheen a call. I gather that the two of you have much in common!...not the least of which is your infatuation with your own perceived greatness
  6. FIXED: If you throw your third place medal directly at members of the corps that jumped up to second on Finals night, you haven't learned the single most valuable lesson about WINNING itself. And if you throw your second place medal at the exact same corps two years later...
  7. From the author of CI himself, regarding 2009: "My preseason picks, based solely on CI were: 1) Crown would NOT win 2) Cadets would win (Wrong) 3) Phantom would be 5th or lower 4) Bloo would be 4-6 again"
  8. That's all fine and good, but my issue with CI is when particular posters begin using it as a mask to secretly complain about their corps being stuck in 4-7th when they think they should actually be higher.
  9. :worthy: But yes. It will simply be adjusted to explain why Vanguard isn't scoring as well as he thinks they should.
  10. Didn't a lot of brass players follow Cipriani to Cadets from SCV in 2005?
  11. Can Step Two be: "If you're an instructor for a current corps, don't go on DCP making comments that would embarrass your organization (and new one, if this staff change actually happens)" ? Because, apparently, no one else has figured it out...?
  12. Andre Tommy Mr. Feagin is a fantastic musician and educator. I can't wait to hear Academy next year! On a sidenote, I see that the percussion caption head resigned. Any news there? What about guard (which I thought was their real problem...)?
  13. I've never really believed that, either. I was always given 10 push-ups whenever we made a mistake. By day two, those 10 push-ups took next to no effort, so for the remaining 89 days of the season, dropping to do 10 was just a total waste of time.
  14. But think about respecting them that much while they STILL treated YOU with respect! I have yet to be at a professional orchestra rehearsal where the conductor tells us to take a 30-second "gush and go." No conductor has ever asked me to do push-ups for cracking a note, for coming in late at an entrance, or for being out of tune with the first clarinet. Granted, these things don't happen very often (if I may say so...). But, these conductors know that sometimes, things just don't go right. No big deal. We'll get it next time. Push-ups don't happen in Berlin. Not in Chicago. Not at Juilliard.
  15. You're running on the assumption that every single one of the members is 100% psychologically sound, does not have a history of violence, will understand your line of reasoning, will not take personal offense, will use it for personal improvement, will not have gotten terrible news from their family/girlfriend the night before, etc, etc, etc...I could go on almost infinitely, but I won't. Over the past several years, the intersection of education and psychology has taught us that the tiniest little statement can have drastic effects not only on the student's improvement, but their later well-
  16. I have nothing to add to this thread except: If you're going to attack someone for poor grammar, at least spell correctly and use complete sentences. Just sayin'. (And this is just this one single post.) Just sayin'.
  17. Yet even then, there are incredible deviations in instrumentation with symphony orchestras. You have some with period instruments (which can be vastly different from modern ones), some with particular takes on the status quo (take Vienna's horns, for example), and of course groups who adjust orchestration to make performances more practical (how often do you hear ophicleide instead of tuba in Berlioz?). These groups all do these things with one ultimate goal in mind: to achieve the sound they want. I have absolutely no problem with a drum corps doing the same thing, and I actually encourage
  18. I'm glad someone here has some sense of what NOT to do when teaching! I just pray these guys never teach my kids.
  19. But does that really make it any better? Disrespect is still disrespect. It certainly doesn't mean that it was better teaching, either. I actually didn't know that...thanks for the heads-up. My memory of that night is vastly different from the opinion of that judge, and some quick research supports my opinion, if I may say so (courtesy of Quarters: PR 19.3 (1), Cavs 19.2 (2) Semis: PR. 19.4 (3), Cavs 19.8 (1) Finals: PR 19.4 (3), Cavs 19.9 (1) With all due respect (since you were apparently on the field), I think it's pretty clear which one was the anomaly.
  20. I quote: "WHY ARE YOU SO F***ING FAT?!?!" That clearly =/= professionalism. (EDIT: Or just plain good teaching. The corps gained nothing from that except for an atmosphere of unnecessary hostility. And that's not even mentioning that fact that Dwight himself is know.) Had I been that poor kid, I would have politely responded with a "Why is your caption consistently the weakest of the entire corps, year in and year out?" Anyway, I'm getting waaaay off topic. No matter how I view JD and what he has done in the past both on and off the field, I wish him and the Phantom Regimen
  21. Now that most of us agree that it is in fact the visual staff who can be less than professional in and out of rehearsal... ...isn't it also interesting that visual is their comparative weak point? Perhaps there is a correlation? If you treat the members with the respect they deserve, you will be rewarded with consistent excellence. Thank you Blue Devils and Cavaliers for proving this fact!
  22. THANK YOU! That's all I was trying to say, before everyone secretly labelled me an "America hater"
  23. Fair enough. I guess I was mainly referring to the corps described in the original post at Finals, since I wasn't at the parade. My fault!
  24. Ahh, okay...I misunderstood. Sorry about that! With that "all or nothing" mentality, you were simply referring to the actual "guarding of the colors," not to the act of presenting the flag overall. Thanks for the clarification!