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  1. Without shows DCI is hurting. Tough going ahead, folks.
  2. ...amen...and that's why some situations, instrumentally, are such a beeeeach to line up, speed-of-sound wise!
  3. point is standards. What do you mean "silly?" You can't see a company front from the box? It's just a *factor*'re not standing there all the time, but you at least have the opportunity to adjudicate and get that micro view you *can't* get from the box. Everything changes, I understand that...what will come will come...
  4. Tony...there's alot of heat directed at the visual people here, writers in particular, and alot of percussion people upset. Well, as a visual dude, I'm upset. If you're judging "the drill" (ensemble is a big part of your itinerary, or should be) how can you get a read on the front to back ("Y" axis) when you're stuck on the front sideline? It's really not much different than the majority of venues, judging from the box, during any given season, lots of high school fields. I learned, not too long ago lol, from a gent named Jim Costello, to look at my drill from the side...because that, folks, is where the bodies are buried. You can tell SO much how an ensemble is trained (and succeeding) from the side. What they (DCI) are implementing is only marginally different than judging from the box...which puts them with, like, a peer judging outfit here in SoCal. I hate it. We have one band circuit out here, Shirlee Whitcomb's WBA, that has two judges down and roaming, a visual proficiency judge and an individual music guy (oddly, they place the drum judge in the box). You have people like Robert Soloman doing the visual caption and staying WAY out of the drill, but able to get that crucial front to back read (easy example: is that big company front really straight?). My point is standards, because when you can't evaluate because you can't SEE, they will degrade and disappear from the sheet. I'm still in it teaching and judging and have progressed with the activity over a half century, and I can't help but think that essential parts of what we have built are going the way of the Dodo. So, call me olde and ancient, but don't drag my standards down...because you can't...but you *can* (D@mmit) legislate them out!
  5. ...thing is, the LED's are being defeated by the ambient stadium lighting. MUCH more effective outside at night...
  6. ...where is Christianson? Looks like he's staying off the field...
  7. ...well, unfortunately you were sitting in the worst place to listen to *any* modern show; in front of a main speaker array. Since *way* back, shows have been designed with the box in mind. The sound is directed/pointed there...speakers, horns, everything they can get that makes sounds (although field percussion isn't miked much, lol). That's why getting a seat high, on the 50, is so desirable! I take photos on field level, and yak up furrballs when passing in front of speakers on occasion...haha, *especially* BD! So, next time keep in mind the thrust of what's on the field, move a mountain or two, and get a seat where you can enjoy the end result. Oh, wait a minute, the TV and movie venues do that nicely!
  8. Mr. Jorden, there is no way you are "over the hill" are just on the other side. ;0)
  9. ...that's why you're the bada$$ you are Tony! Missed seeing you this year, brother...keep up the good work, I'm doing my part as well! cg
  10. Yea Flomarching!...boy, that was fun! Haven't been able to actually "see" prelims 'cuz of being on the sidelines behind a camera for the last 10 years, so today was a treat! In the end, I had Cabs and C2 flipped and Sabers and Kidsgrove flipped...but *everybody* got better than last year! Great stuff, especially knowing how it *is* there!
  11. I've enjoyed CV for *years* and kinda got the feeling the last few that things were moving up for that wonderful drumcorps...looking forward to seeing them and the rest this weekend, for the first time in 15 years not there in person but at least I'll get to see the shows like a regular human...well, at least the couch potato variety! Have fun all, and don't miss Freelancers 'cuz they mean Buziness!