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  1. In the words of Rodney D., "Tough Crowd". :) Sorry guys, I'm all out of clues I guess.
  2. I guess you can say she was more than just Three Times a Lady then?
  3. I'm familiar with that region and visited the Keuka Lake area and Bully Hill Winery in 77, when the renegade Taylor had the issue with the folks at Coca-Cola. They had several employees blacking out the Taylor name on the labels. He held his ground though and Bully Hill was a survivor. The tour was almost memorable, what with the tasting/sampling, etc................
  4. It's amazing how in our drum corps travels we spent so much time on thruways, parkways, turnpikes and missed out on Main Street USA. In my Jr. corps days, we made a trip up to Fitchburg Mass., think it was Drums In the Night, just south of the New Hampshire border. The town was straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Also had air you could breathe. The day of the contest, they had a parade down Main Street, complete with the banner (Animal House Style) strung across the road. White picket fences, front porches, etc. Sometimes it's refreshing to get out of the city and get a taste of th
  5. Is this the corps that during the early days wore white ducks (British Navy Style) while most of the drum corps universe wore white bucks?
  6. Was he the guy on the show where the set was the back of a boat, and they showed the Popeye cartoons? Or was that Capt. Somebody??? OK, think I have my answer. Anyone recall this guy: Capt. Ray Heatherton?
  7. Certainly falls into the category “They just don’t make em like that anymore”.
  8. You're most welcome. Quite a contrast to what we see these days.
  9. Jack and some memories:
  10. Would it be safe to say they rubbed elbows with some serious drum corps royalty.
  11. Sorry, skull cramp in progress. Carry on...............
  12. C2 doing Hava at 1:40. Sorry, wrong link.
  13. Found this. These guys were pretty good and could have some fun too: