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  1. THAT!, a SoundSport group, has announced their show. Available here: (link edited) 
  2. Just a quick bump... Show your loved one you care. Bring them to a Florida Xpress rehearsal on Valentine's Day! Be a part of the inaugural year of this DCI SoundSport-style group.
  3. "America's Oldest Continually Active Drum and Bugle Corps", the Racine Scouts has 2 empty trumpet spots in the corps. For more info, contact the corps through the website,
  4. The 2013 incarnation of the Racine Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps horn line has just 2 trumpet spots left available. Come march with the "Oldest Continually Active Drum Corps in America." Contact me at or go to the website, for more information!
  5. Revolution also has an open trumpet spot. You can some fine experience with with Jason and his staff at Forte or with mine at Revo. Feel free to contact me also at --Bill Clark Brass Caption Head/Program Coordinator Revolution Drum and Bugle Corps
  6. Seeing that Mark Ripley posted it, I would assume that it is with the Blue Saints.
  7. Spokane Thunder, from Spokane, Washington, still has some spots available in brass. The entire "away-from-home" commitment would be just about 1 month; mid-June through mid-July. This is a great opportunity for an experienced marcher that was going to stay home this summer because you "didn't have time to march." It is also perfect for someone looking for their first drum corps experience. You could come march drum corps, travel the west coast, go to Disneyland, and still be home for a few weeks before the summer ends! For complete information, check out the webpage, www.spokanethunder.
  8. We appreciate the love, but, Thunder will not be going to Indy. We are staying on the West Coast this summer.
  9. And a shout back at you Peter! Y'up, I have written Revo's brass book again this year, but I am on the shortened West Coast tour with Spokane Thunder as their Brass Caption head. Lotsa fun all 'round! I'm coming DC way next me!
  10. I dunno, Tom...I have a few graphic mental pictures after reading the last 4 pages!
  11. Actually, Tom...when I first moved down here I bought a few sets of lawn flamingos. Then I painted them black with flames and blue with cotton snow on top. Then I mailed them to friends in Rochester, because I didn't want something so lame on my lawn!
  12. I know I am late to the party, but I just got a phone call about this. I count my years with Rochester as some of the best of my life. I still "bleed green" and now, unfortunately, I cry green, too. I call on all Cru Alumni to do what I will: Make some phone calls and see what you can do to get the ship righted and sailing again.
  13. Yes. It is the 3rd movement of the "Ghost Train Triptych."