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  1. i second that. there were a lot of ticks in cavies that year, and summertrain was one of the cleanest shows i've seen. not really sure why BD didn't win.
  2. the head drum major was on side one on the 35 yard line, then there was another on the side two 35 yard line, and then the third "mobile" drum major started on side one, conducting some of the opener, before moving back field in the ballad
  3. BD/Phantom Tie, debatably my two favorite shows of all time... I love BD's Score, and Phantom's Emotion was absolutely phenomenal SCV- had another great show. a nice come back after what happened in 05 Crown- good hornline, what else is new Glassmen
  4. for the record, the 3 drum major "candidates" are the same 3 from last year, and they aren't auditioning, they all have already made it
  5. i think its cuba. they are going to play cumbanchero just kidding. although it really does look like cuba
  6. 1.) 1993 Star of Indiana, Dance of Vengeance from Medea (the closer) 2.) 2003 Phantom Regiment, The Cannon Reprise 3.) 2003 Blue Devils Closer 4.) 1991 Star of Indiana, The Epiphany (the closer) 5.) 2006 Phantom Regiment, Mahler's Second (the closer) 5.) 1989 Santa Clara Vanguard, The company front at the end
  7. 2005 Academy (Div II) 1987 SCV 2005 Madison Scouts, minus the two seconds of malaguena 1985 Madison Scouts 1989 Phantom Regiment
  8. is this even to be taken seriously? "ONLY" a 99.150. HAH! need i say more? i think not. It was by far the best of the Cavaliers Championship's since 2001, but it was not THAT good of a show, come on now
  9. in: academy out: spirit top 12 for 07' 12.) Glassmen 11.) Boston Crusaders 10.) Academy 9.) Blue Knights 8.) Madison Scouts 7.) Bluecoats 6.) Carolina Crown 5.) Cadets 4.) Santa Clara Vanguard 3.) Cavaliers 2.) Blue Devils 1.) hell freezes over- Phantom Regiment
  10. 2006, hands down... the top 3 shows will go down as some of the greatest in history, while in 2005 there weren't any shows that i would regard as highly.
  11. can somebody explain the SCV bottle dance to those of us who are clueless, like me, since i really only listen to shows from 87 and after
  12. if your show is the best of holsinger, for a ballad you might consider the beginning of liturgical dances, which is probably the most beautiful of holsinger's works