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  1. Tito, my comment wasn't directed towards you so much as the others throughout the forum here who proclaim with great conviction that Corps A definitively had better execution on music and drill and work with higher demand than Corps B, but was placed several spots lower because the judges don't have any idea what they're looking for. Judging drum corps is "subjective" in some sense, in that the judges do swing their scores around gut reactions in some instances. There is no black and white rule book for scoring in terms of granting points. A corps member does not cross home plate and score a
  2. He was a trumpet alternate. The design staff decided an announcer/referee would be appropriate in early July, so they used him there because he was already on tour. Once they got the tuxedo fitted for him he joined the corps on the field for shows.
  3. Keep in mind that the judges don't sit there and discuss where they're going to place the corps in their respective captions. They don't conspire like a jury and contemplate the averages of all of their adjudications and place the corps accordingly. The scores are consistent not as a result of the judges knowing what each other will score the corps, but as a result of a staff of experienced, educated judges adjudicating the corps accurately. It is the judge's job, as it is a soccer referee or a baseball umpire, to be fair. It is their job to leave all predispositions at the door and come into
  4. That's funny, because their last uniforms (with such a minute tinge of that purple you think that people associate Crown with) were the same exact shade of cream.
  5. Cadets 2005 - The last measure of drumspeak in the video shows two up close snares speaking into a microphone. The one throws his hand up wildly in passion, I guess, and catches the other one in the head and moves his shako.
  6. Very cool. I actually submitted a picture a while ago that I took on tour from my cell phone. Kyle's DC-Eye submission :)
  7. Blue Devils' white plumes were for visual effect, i.e. when they ran, and when they did the head bobbing thing. Black plumes would not have had nearly the same impact. I didn't get the skirts... ahem... waist-cape. The Scouts' uniforms grew on me. At first I thought they were sort of Third Reich-looking, but the ties were classy. While the shade of green wasn't really that appealing, I started to appreciate the design as I saw them more and more. Blue Stars were in the lot at Atlanta, and didn't have their uni tops on, so the only symbol of the corps was the new shako. I had absolutely no id
  8. The two shows that have been consistently scheduled in the Pittsburgh area were at Baldwin High School and Elizabeth Forward High School. From what I understand through my old high school band director, both band parent booster organizations decided (both unfortunately and coincidentally) that they were not going to pursue putting together a DCI event this season. For those of us in the Pittsburgh area, we're sort of limited in options now... There is still Allentown, as well as Lake Erie Regiment's Erie Fanfare competition, and Massillon, OH is the site for the Pro Football HOF Festival. Unf
  9. Wait... if this would be Hoppy's "intended" function, then perhaps the question shouldn't be BOA in DCI, but USSBA in DCI...
  10. There's nothing to compare. I'm all for evolution and not being static in an ever-changing world... at the same time, however, I think we should realize that drum corps and marching band are on two different playing fields. Regardless of what Hoppy wants to do with instrumentation, there is no reason for Avon High School's marching band to be compared to Phantom Regiment. Let's keep our apples in one basket and our oranges in another.
  11. Let's not create any allegations that this guy is an insider who is playing the part of an outsider fanboy to boost the corps. Many corps do have rules against posting here, particularly stuff like that. We can't assume that everyone who does so is someone doing the dirty work on their behalf.
  12. I don't think he's saying so much for corps to move INTO the DCA circuit, but rather adopt the scheduling of rehearsals and shows that DCA promotes. World Class corps travel the entire country all summer. Some Open Class corps do the same thing. DCA corps, on the other hand, often stay regionally through the competition season and only travel the great distance for finals. To adopt this policy would arguably be beneficial for struggling DCI corps. I think that Cascades is sort of attempting this for this season; they aren't necessarily competing, but they're touring on a regional basis and n
  13. I'm sure that regardless of his disposition towards other aspects, the "it" he is referring to is the logo itself.