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  1. Closeout Sale 150 pairs of slightly used Marching Dinkles. Nothing wrong with them, just upgraded and don't need them anymore. 1-800-CASCADE
  2. I don't think OP has much to worry about, as his son is 21 years old now...
  3. This is my high school! Haha I'm glad to see the PNW swing with this many corps this year. I hope they have a great audience turnout tonight.
  4. Corps will have 100 guard members on the field. All instrumentation will come from the front ensemble. One favorite audience game will be guessing if it's a synth instrument or if they can find the soloist at the microphone. All events will be livestreamed as Blu-ray will be non-existent. Digital copies will only exist in the DCI libraries as sync right fees become unobtainable.
  5. Cadets 05 This is the championship show I can watch or listen to again and again and never grow tired of it. Shout outs to BD 2014 and PR 2008
  6. Regiment 2003 is the definition of how to do a perfect reprise. It seems like it is more common today to do a 20 second “shout out” to an earlier piece than a full on reprise.
  7. I’m pretty sure they could write this In a way that would prevent corps from abusing it. Something like “each finalist corps shall have one additional un judged minute after final cutoff” or maybe their running timer is paused for a minute while remaining in the final formation.
  8. So what time does DCP crash tonight? I'm going to say right around 10:28 ET. :)
  9. We’ll do 3 ballads and then high mark time until our DM gets arthritis pain and has to stop.