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  1. I thought about this concept while watching retreat Saturday. A show that paid homage to some of the most iconic songs from say 5-6 corps, complete with uniform changes that represent said corps. I wouldn't even know where to start but guaranteed it wouldn't take long to put together one heck of an audience pleasing show. Simply titled, A Drum Corps Tribute.
  2. He is a great judge, but lets get real, he's no Doyle Gammill.
  3. Really man? Theres nothing to prove! SCV has 1 loss in drums this year which happened tonight. What exactly do I need to prove? That they didn’t lose prior? Is that what your really asking? Good lord man, if you don't already know that fact, i don't need to spend my night educating you.
  4. Easy, because they never beat them until tonight. So not sure the total head to head matchups, but when SCV drums go undefeated all year its pretty hard to debate another line being better. But miraculously tonight they lose. clearly there undefeated season up until tonight means nothing
  5. Its pretty easy to look back at all head to head meetings. has all your answers. Now, since you want to call me out, find a show in 2019 head to head that BD beat SCV in drums besides tonght. Ill wait.
  6. So all meetings before tonight wasn't an indicator which line was better? I mean get real, somehow all season long it wasn't even up for debate who had the best line. But tonight of all nights BD wins? Think what you want, SCVs line is superior and anyone with ears knows it.
  7. Its an absolute sham that BD won drums tonight. First time all GD year! Something stinks around here and it might he Prosperie! Absolutely ridiculous.
  8. You didn't hear it from me. Best Corps yes maybe, best show, not by a long shot!
  9. Absolutely 100 percent accurate and I have said the same for years. GE really isn't GE!
  10. So it comes down to percussion really for the WC. First time all year BD beats SCV in drums. Sorry, total BS! Jeff P is one if my favorite judges but man, how can one explain one show did BD have the better line all year? And of all nights tonight. BD is and amazing group and are just so good at every caption but no way now how do they stroke the drums better than SCV. Congratulations BD on a 19th championship. Well deserved, but they did not ever have the best drum line all season.