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  1. In the early 70's the Yankees used to battle it out with the Purple Lancers.
  2. Yes, a start up group called Ignition drum corps from Indianapolis who wasn't approved for open class in 2016 but performed as a Soundsport unit over last summer. There taken 2017 off. Hope they have a bright future. Indiana needs a drum corps. Great high school marching bands within the state.
  3. First home grown Texas corps to go world class if approved. Good luck!!!
  4. No one has mentioned that Genesis will be the first Texas corps if approved, to originate from this state and go world class. This was unthinkable 10-15 years ago.
  5. When you be judge and competing at the 2 DCA shows in August or be exhibition only?
  6. I remember back in 2000-2001 PC was the can't miss up and coming corps top (12 potential) that everyone wanting to see tour more. I admired the director who was content with staying locally in cali. PC had good talent but once they expanded there tour that's when the competition level changed. I believe 1-2 years they placed 16-17th but no top 12 as fans were hoping for. Now with BD present PC is just an afterthought from BD cut list. These Elite Corps Are Something Else....It's Not Fair!!!
  7. The DCI top 12 reminds me of AAU basketball, just a recruiting tool for elite athletics for 4-5 stars college phenom. I guess BD & Cadets have many 4-5 stars musicians and 19-25 have many 3-2 stars on average.
  8. I also notice that 19-25 change directors a staff members a great deal. That can slow your progression down. A different directors with new ideas & direction that not on board with the current staff. Now you hire a new staff, you drop from 16 to 22, now it takes 2-3 yrs just to get back to 16-18 placement. This becomes a cycle for about 8-9 yrs with some corps bouncing from 17-23 depending on the 2-3 new hot the trot failed directors within this time period or no consistence staff. The top tier corps aren't having stability problems like the lower tier corps are having which keeps so
  9. Ok guys great comments but lets get back on topic. How can 19-25 place higher?
  10. Explain how SCVC did it last year? Placing in15th place with many high school performers.
  11. PC has problems with BDB by the end of the summer. I guess they get many big brother BD cuts.
  12. Many WC & OC corps fit within this placement consistently (Genesis, Surf, lately Crest) to name a few. To move up to 11-15 placement regularly what will it take? What about recruiting 15-19 new D1 caliber kids or do you need about 20-28? Keep in mind your goal is to stay in the 11-15 range for about 2-3 years before you move up again. These corps aren't that far off, having 15-28 top caliber kids may be the answer. I could be wrong!!! I need you opinion.
  13. Any rumors of starting a new All Age or Junior corps, soundsport in this region? Or the economics just aren't there anymore?