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  1. What a wonderful Christmas. Completed my Blue Stars video collection with 2006 (Vol II) and 2003 (A-60 Champions). Also three legacy years based on the 'Top 3 Shows' of all time thread (1980, 1991, 1995) added to my collection of 79, 84, 88, 90, 99, and 2000.
  2. I am looking for three tickets for Friday's show. ancldw @ hotmail dot com
  3. I need three tickets for the show. Are there likely to be some for sale at the site? Thanks for any insight.
  4. I am looking for two good seats for the show in Centerville on Wednesday. Reply here or e-mail ancldw @ hotmail . com Thanks
  5. Gotta offer another view of the ghetto. 1975, tiny corps from Ohio staying in East St Louis, for the Alton Youth On The March competition (Sure wish I still had the T-shirt…). Arrived near midnight, in a neighborhood of boarded up and burned out buildings. At 17, I was the oldest in the corps and a couple of us stayed up the rest of the night as if we could protect the kids. Turns out our hosts, the Hornets(?), had a kind of perimeter around the youth center we were in. You can’t imagine two more totally different cultures, but they made sure we didn’t have any issues in the neighborhood.
  6. I will second Marion Cadets for a whole lot of reasons, but I would have to offer my vote for corps like Blue Stars and Boston Crusaders for their tradition, longevity, integrity, and spirit.