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  1. IMO, 1986 is tops for sure. 1999 is a close second.
  2. Yeah, they do ... but they still look too much like BD. B)
  3. Gosh. Look at you trying to, like, bring the truth into this discussion. Shame on you.
  4. Now, see ... those are a little bit *TOO* bland. LOL There's a happy medium somewhere. I got a great "property of" shirt from Spirit, for instance.
  5. Here's the question -- were they fighting for the flag (which is, after all, just a pretty piece of cloth) ... or were they fighting for the freedoms that it represents, such as those outlined in the Bill of Rights? For the record, BTW, there's an American flag flying from my front porch on every holiday and I always observe proper flag etiquette to the best of my knowledge. However, I also realize that this country is about more than that. We shouldn't treat the flag like some sort of bizarre religious icon. Rather, we should love and cherish the liberties that it is supposed to stand for
  6. I hardly think that lack of quality members is the Scouts' major issue.
  7. I'll tell you what I like, and it annoys me that some corps don't even seem to sell them anymore -- an ordinary t-shirt (in white, grey, or a single solid color) with just the corps name and logo or else a nice basic-looking "tour" shirt. Some of the shirts that some corps sell are so elaborate that they're just ridiculous. Maybe that's what sells, but personally I don't want photos of guys drumming, cute or inspirational sayings, or anything of that nature. I like the plain ol' "property of Spirit drum & bugle corps" with the delta logo that I picked up this summer. Nice and simple.
  8. I'm actually concerned about the corps members. I mean, I have absolutely no idea if the rumor is true (I sure hope it's not) but you know what I mean, right? Dicey situation for the young men in the corps, if something like this were to happen.
  9. So allowing kids the rights guaranteed them by the First Amendment is a horrible crime?
  10. I've never had one favorite corps. There's some I tend to like better than others, but it all depends on how I feel about their show during the year in question. I think the "borg" types who root for one particular corps are in the minority.
  11. If "DCI" hadn't been created (or had flopped early on), then something very similar would have had to have come along very soon thereafter or else drum corps would likely have withered and died. Lord knows that the VFW, American Legion, and CYO weren't really all that interested in devoting a lot of their resources toward the activity by '72. Don't forget that DCA came first, after all, and DCI was sort of following in their footsteps.