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  1. OMG Ron found DCP....hide your kids! Just kidding RON!!! LOVE YOU!!
  2. Thanks Sam. So if come down there, I'd probably fit right in. Heard ya'll live in the gutter.
  3. Sounds like a personal question. Leave it to you to sink us all into the gutter at the same time. :P
  4. That's one reason why I chose not to play brass. Wearing a harness is out too, so no drums. Guard seems to be a happy medium. You guys were hurtin' out there. Drum gain.
  5. Some of us still has burn marks from carelessly picking up our flag poles while they were still cooking in the sun.
  6. That reminded me of something funny that happened.... Last year in the SCV Alumni Corps, we were learning the bottle dance. SCV signature. Being the 90's girl, I asked if we're supposed to smile while doing this. Let me just say, to this day, the girls still give me crap about that.
  7. depends on what you are comfortable with and what your school can afford. I found to be helpful. My guard is spinning the light weight 36" rifles this marching band season. They are all beginners. No sabres yet this year. They are fundraising to buy them for the Winter Guard season. For myself. I own the 39" Spanish Sabre. It seems to be the only weapon I found I did not hurt myself with. And the added benefit to that is it's looks impressive.
  8. Links... Chops, Inc. Minnesota Brass. Royal Guard, MN
  9. Hi, Just wanted to put in my 2 cents... I noticed that you're currently in Farminton, MN. There are a couple of senior corps in the area. Chops, inc. and Minnesota Brass. I'd suggest that you and your band director and your friends who are as interested as you are, go check them out. Summer is the hieght of Corps season. Go check out rehearsals, take notes. Shows and competitions are very intense. I lived in MN for a while. There is an Independent Winter Guard in the area. I don't remember what they are called anymore, but there is one around. Check in to that too. If you are starting so
  10. 93 - Cadets 91 - SCV 98 - BD (Girls) 99 - Madison 90 - SCV Red absolutely beautiful dresses, they wore those until Gail Royer decided that there was too much red on the field, so they had go with the white unitard and black crochet wrap.