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  1. Here's a link to last night...
  2. Your best bet is to individually contact the corps you are interested in. 1) Ask if they will be using timpani for 2014 2) Ask if they are currently in need of a player (most have already done preliminary auditions) 3) Find out audition requirements for that group 4) Register 5) Audition
  3. What if... Move in - June 1 (regulated, like MLB spring training) Finals - 1st weekend in August EVERYONE: 2 weeks for pre-tour... Tour: Regionalized... Less shows. Only do performances with 8+ corps in appearances. Shows on weekends ONLY (Friday - Sunday). Conferences: Pacific Conference (Blue Devils, SCV, Cascades, Pacific Crest, Oregon Crusaders, Mandarins), Midwest Conference (Phantom Regiment, Cavaliers, Bluecoats, Colts, Pioneer, Madison Scouts, Blue Stars), Eastern Conference (Boston Crusaders, Cadets, Carolina Crown, Jersey Surf, Spirit of Atlanta), Southern Conference (The
  4. Man, I hope not. I genuinely liked all shows of the Top 4. I haven't felt that way in a LONG time. People really liked this version of Vanguard. Maybe this could be there niche' for the next few years.
  5. DCI Trivia game... I know board games exist, but an online app game would be really cool.
  6. Environmental demands were a big part of Fanfare for the Common Man in 2012
  7. The corps that pay the staff the most aren't necessarily the top competing groups. It's not quite like the NFL where a caption head is looking to jump to wherever he is going to get the biggest paycheck. A big part of what makes a staff successful is the compatibility, cohesiveness, and "the hang"... If a staff has the same vision and enjoys being with each other on/ off the field, it can go a long way into keeping great people at the same drum corps. Much like why a member might stay at a corps. Also, some groups (BD, Cadets, Crown, SCV, Colts?) are much larger organizations than drum co
  8. This has got to be one of the funniest threads in the history of DCP :)
  9. How many corps actually march 150 total members at the end of the season? I know that some of the larger "Top 6" corps get there, but some other smaller groups still compete with them and have half the size. Does anyone know: 1) Which corps march 150 and which ones try to go for a more "attainable" number 2) What is the size of the World Class hornlines? Is 72 pretty much the standard number?
  10. The food at the concessions was very good... I had nachos with chili and cheese. A couple of my buddies had the turkey leg.
  11. I love this music, but not on the field. There is a reason that most of this stuff has been unsuccessful in the marching activity, when it has even been attempted. Some pieces should stay in the concert band setting... All of these fall in that category :(
  12. Allentown is a great time regardless of seating. I have been in the center as well as off to the side. It is always a great experience no matter what. I really think anyone that is a drum corps fan needs to be there for the weekend at least once. I always got that it was a special place when I was a marching member, but going back since aging out has been a great way to open my eyes to what else is encompassed there. The fact that you can almost walk to Cadets, Crown, and a couple corps rehearsals is a big plus. The crowds are always a good size for their ensembles. Once you get to the
  13. 1) Carolina Crown 2) Blue Devils 3) SCV 4) Cadets 5) Cavaliers 6) Bluecoats 7) Phantom Regiment 8) Blue Stars 9) Madison Scouts 10) Boston Crusaders 11) Glassmen 12) Blue Knights 13) Blue Devils B