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  1. Congratulations Frank! It is well deserved. The older I get, the more I'm impressed with your knowledge . I'm proud to say I learned from you. Would have loved to have march with you in DCA just once to pick you brain even more. Thanks for all of the great memories
  2. He still is ! I wonder how many people realize the little blonde kid in the "No More War " poster from 1972 and JR on the podium playing the mock solo are one in the same.
  3. I made the Garfield soprano line at the age of 13 in "72" and did 9 years. My brother Jarrod made the line at the ripe old age of 12 in "78" and stayed till "83".
  4. Hey Mike 1975 was the first time we made DCI finals and our Pal, Ironlips was just as nervous as any member on the field. But I think we did him proud!
  5. Really ? I was one of those guys that hung out with you guys in Denver. I was invited up and had a great time. Back in 1972 or 73 I had a few guys from the Crusaders stay at my home when they came in for the show in Garfield. Back in those days corps put visiting corps up in there homes. I can remember one year we put up Boston and Chicago during the same weekend. Those guys were cool, but one was terrified of our NJ. mosquitos! Yes terrified . 1980 I played football for Royal Brigade .We came up to Boston ,played had a good game and everyone was cool. Hooligans ? Thanks for the compliment ! We had a great staff... What was that's guy's name? ONLY KIDDING!!The brass guy's were very dedicated to us and us to them. They could get us to walk through fire if they wanted.
  6. George was not only a great player, he was a great guy and friend. It's a shame he passed way too early.
  7. I studied with Jerry Callet back in the early 80's for a little while. We started talking before a lesson started and the topic of drum corps came up. Jerry asked me if I knew Tom (Bucky) Swan and Gus Wilkie, I said sure. Jerry told me Bucky and Gus had taken a few lessons and Bucky had the most raw talent of anyone who had ever walked into his studio. Bucky and Gus taught me how to play from the very beginning. I wish I had some of the old records my parents had (I wish I took care of those old records). I would love to hear some of that stuff again. Those guys will be missed!
  8. You understand why? The midrange were just freaks. Sopranos are drum corps. royalty! Well baris and contras, are, well, a necessary evil!!!!!!! ONLY KIDDING!
  9. Isn't that the truth! Screamed at,yelled at, and kicked in the butt. Discipline at it's finest. LOL
  10. I drive past old Hinchcliff Stadium several times a week,while working. What a shame!The place is in shambles.There has been several attemps to renovate it. It never get past the planning stage.Besides many drum corps.shows,there was stock car racing,concerts, semi pro football and semi pro basseball events.The place has a lot of history. Mike, the armory is shut down now and also in very bad shape. Anyone remember Newark School Stadium on Bloomfield Ave.,Newark?That was in very bad shape too.The city of Newark did a beautiful job renovating it.Turf field and all.