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  1. Of course not! The solution would be for corps aiming for the championship, to put together a competitive program that more closely resembles the modern paradigm of the activity. Then hire a staff to teach it, and recruit performers to perform it!
  2. And yet anyone can search YouTube and find full show videos of all the World Class DCI corps from week 1, thru the Championships. Does DCA think they are guarding some valuable intellectual property?
  3. One thing is for certain. When one group has won EVERY championship except for two since 2005, with most years having undefeated seasons, and most shows having a major caption sweep, this is not indicative of a healthy circuit.
  4. Hey...Bucs and CV are pretty good and all, but they would be absolutely toast in DCI World Class.
  5. I have no issue with this, as long a the audience vote has absolutely no affect on the competition itself. The only problem I could see is that if DCA continues to be held in PA, the BUCS will win the “clap” vote too! Talk about rubbing salt in the wound!
  6. Absolutely! However it most likely will still not change the results, which have gone from the simply ridiculous, to the absolutely sublime! Even the most loyal of Yankee fans would have a hard time watching the playoffs if the Yankees won every single championship. And imagine how crazy it would be if most years they won every single game!
  7. Sure, we could always start the season at the end of May like we did in the past, but how many corps would just come out, perform a truncated standstill, and swallow the penalty, before they were finally "ready" in late June or early July? Seems like one...maybe two corps are able to "push themselves", while the other organizations simply want to fall back on excuses about why they cannot. And yes....look at the results! The results are that virtually only ONE corps seems to win EVERY year. And how is that healthy for ANY circuit. Seems as though DCA needs to sit down with the member corp
  8. But it seemed like all the corps were completely lined up for retreat, and the Cabs Alumni drum line kept going...and going...and going...and going. I realize that you had to give time for the color guard dance off (BTW...was there a trophy for that?), however I am sure that some members of the Cabs Alumni’s drum line will be spending the rest of their Labor Day weekend soaking their wrists in epsom salt.
  9. I was going to live stream this evening, but due to prior commitments I was unable to see the event last night. I did however follow the event from DCP, and was able to live stream the scores on the DCA FB page. For better or worse, it WAS a CRAZY long time between the last competition corps, and the time the final score was announced. When the camera scanned the audience, the crowd appeared very small. Is this because a lot of folks got an early start for home, or were this year’s championships that poorly attended?
  10. Numbers management at its finest! But hey, at least it appears that the Cabs won't be dumped to fourth place this year!
  11. Doesn’t mean a thing when the corps meet head to head. Haven’t seen CV, but having seen Bucs and Cabs, a good as the Cabs are, they would need an absolute gift in at least 2 captions.
  12. Kind of a low score for Reading in the week before finals, especially for it being a “home” show. Interesting that we were just talking about 2014 in another thread, huh?
  13. And dumber yet...only two corps at the Southern “Showdown” (sic). But hey, who knows? Perhaps CV will use the last score of the season, to post the high score of the season!
  14. For the record, I certainly saw the 2016 championships as close as the score indicated, however I came away from the performances clearly feeling that C2 was the deserving champion! And in 2011, I felt that MBI performed the snot out of their program, while Reading seemed to finish the season a tad stale. That being said, I never thought that the margin of the win would be found in the visual caption. But back on topic, the health of this circuit is clearly influenced by the age of audience, conflicting entertainment choices, etc., however the complete, almost total lack of parity has been