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  1. My guess is that both corps were in violation of the rule that existed back then that a certain minimum percentage of each senior corps had to consist of military veterans.
  2. 2020 DCA is August 29 and 30. That is the weekend before Labor day weekend.
  3. The Saturday contest in Alabama was a DCI contest with DCI judges. Those judges gave recorded feedback to the DCA corps who appeared in exhibition. The Sunday contest in Georgia was a DCA/DCI contest with DCA judges for the DCA corps and DCI judges for the DCI corps.
  4. The worst aspect of Annapolis was the stadium management (per Maryland law) taking control of the prelims contest away from DCA during the rain/lightning storm. DCA should not hold a contest in a state that gives the stadium management that power.
  5. Pioneer announced several months ago that the trip to DCA in 2019 was to allow their members to compete in the Individual and Ensemble competition (as Pioneer Alumni, presumably). No evaluation is needed for I & E.
  6. DCA's rule is that a junior corps cannot switch to DCA the following year and continue to use the junior corps name. If the junior corps changes its name, then it is considered a new corps and can approach DCA to be evaluated as all new corps are evaluated.
  7. It is my understanding that the timing of a non-prelim show at that time was 11:30 minimum and 14:30 maximum. I watched the Rockets' prelim video again, this time to write down when the gunshots occurred. This first gunshot occurred at the beginning of the show. The next gunshot occurred at 10:30. The final gunshot (end of show) occurred at 11:11. If the prelim maximum was 12:00 and the full show timed at 11:45, then a corps would be able to present their full show at prelims. Does anybody know what the various timing requirements were back then? Was Tom Argy judging DCA back then? If so, he may remember these details.
  8. One of the reasons that DCI was formed was to be able to allow full-show prelims. So, starting in DCI's first year, 1972, DCI had full-show prelims. The question asked in this thread had to do with DCA. A number of years ago someone posted that the first year of DCA full-show prelims was 1977. If someone has proof that this is not correct, please present your evidence.
  9. 1977 was the first year of full-show prelims.
  10. The Fleetwood recording includes an exhibition by the Milford Shoreliners
  11. To answer N.E. Brigand: The original field layout for drum corps was a white line around the perimeter of a football field (goal line, back line, the other goal line and front line) plus one line on the 50 from from the back line to the front line.
  12. Overtime penalty is one tenth for every three seconds. Therefore, 1.8 = 54 seconds overtime.
  13. Fact no. 1: In 1976, the Caballeros went undefeated. Fact no.2: In 1976, after taking a year off, the Bayonne Bridgemen re-appeared on the scene in their famous long yellow coats. Enough said.