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  1. My 2007 predictions that I made on one of the topics here were absolutely 100% right on...
  2. Historical years I wish I could have marched: Madison 1975, 1976, 1988, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999 Years I wish I would have marched that I could have marched: Madison 2002-2005; Crown 2005 I simply wish that I would have started marching before I was so close to aging out. Also i would like to have been able to march Madison in 08, 09, 10, 11, and 12
  3. I was there, and I saw a girl rehearsing with the guard... also i heard them saying that they were going to try and field a corps with absolutely no hornline at all... that could explain why the numbers are so down...
  4. Didn't the Cadets win in 2005? I suppose you are refering to it being underrated by fans... personally, i love listening to the CD, but i HATE watching the DVD, but that is just me. i suppose i contribute to the 05 Cadets being underrated... but i really don't feel bad about that at all.
  5. if a vet was cut that wanted to march, the last rookie to be kept would have to be so noticably better (ridiculously better) that there would be absolutely no other option... then again, that vet might be moved to a different instrument in that example... i think that that happens a lot... i have never seen a vet be cut (who was showed that they actually wanted a spot), and i have heard some pretty unprepared auditions from vets that ended up making it/some pretty smokin' rookie auditions that got them cut... i'm not saying anything, i'm just saying.
  6. Crossmen in 10th is a bold prediction, i know that being in TX is going to help them a tremendous amount, and they will prolly win DCI within 10 years, but 5 spots for their first year in TX is a little much in my opinion... no way Madison will be out of finals, no way SCV will be in the top 3, no way spirit or boston, or crossmen will be Madison, Blue Stars aren't even in 17th?, no way Glassmen will be 8 (maybe their hornline).
  7. i didn't march Crown, what about myself do i need to get over?
  8. In this great "sport" that we call DCI... a corps that looks dirty on the field will NEVER be in the top five in anything. 05 Crown sounds better than 05 Anyone Else... they aren't what their record is, they are: Carolina Crown, and the fact that their name is "Carolina Crown" is the only reason that they finished 7th in brass. A corps that isn't near the top in everything, will be near the top in nothing... that is proven every year.
  9. This number system is exactly what the Bluecoats use, at least last year.
  10. If you offered a corps $7,500 so that you could make the line... they would pretend to think about it, then eventually tell you that you made the corps because you were the best for the spot... no matter how good you actually were. corps are usually stretched so thin for money, they can make anyone into a good enough player for $7,500.
  11. Cleanest: The Cavaliers Most Recognizable: Blue Devils Dirtiest: Madison Scouts Hardest: Madison Scouts good luck Boston
  12. I don't know quite what you mean by 'horn movement'... but if it has to do with horns... Madison Scouts or Carolina Crown... in that order.
  13. 1: Phantom Regiment (it's that time again, hopefully back in black, DCI has been setting them up since... 1996) 2: Bluecoats (will win in 08, DCI has been setting them up for about 6 years) 3: The Cavaliers (first time out of the top 2 since 99) 4: Blue Devils (will have a better show the the cavies, but won't beat them because that's the way things work in DCI) 5: Santa Clara Vanguard/The Cadets (SCV will have a better show but The Cadets haven't been out of the top 5 in about 20 years) 6: The Cadets/Santa Clara Vanguard (" ") 7: Carolina Crown (hornline should win best hornline) 8: Madison Scouts (hornline should finish second) 9: Glassmen (gotta improve with Madison's old brass staff) 10: Boston Crusaders (no comment) 11: Blue Knights (no comment) 12: Crossmen/Blue Stars (tough call, I think the crossmen fight their way back to saturday, they'll win it in 2012) 13: Blue Stars/Crossmen (tough call, probably barely edged out by the crossmen) 14: Colts (not this year) 15: Spirit of JSU (shouldn't have been last year) 16: Academy (top 12 by 2009) 17: Southwind (no comment) 18: Troopers (back to Friday by 2009) 19: Mandarins (DII) 20: Seatle Cascades (DII) 21: Pacific Crest (DII) 22: Esperanza (DII) 23: Pioneer (gotta give them something, they're getting better every day) 24: Kiwanis Kavaliers (don't gotta give <i>them</i> anything) I think that corps get placed before the season starts, and the scores are just a technicallity to keep people interested. They should just order Phantom's rings now... only Phantom.